Sunday, October 30, 2011

WOWLoud! Review

Imagine having a media player that plays endless streaming of songs without having to download, rip or copy them into you hard disk. The layout is simple and straight forward like the Windows Media Player.
I recently had the chance to be among the lucky group to test WOWLOUD.
WOWLOUD is "Music Discovery On Demand".
Currently, there is two option to get WOWLOUD in your PC. They have the FREE account, which has a limit of 20hours of play time (good enough for 2.5days of listening at 8hours each day) and has the occasional advertisements promoting WOWLOUD.
Then, there is the PREMIUM account, which is advertisements free and with higher fidelity audio.
As i am part of the "test" user, i was given the free account. During this trail, i have unlimited hours of playback.
You can sign up at their website now to be part of the "free" users to experience the WOWLOUD experience.
WOWLOUD requires you to download the media player, which essentially install and reside in your PC. Once you have installed it, you will need to Log In to run the media player.
If your account has been approved, you will be able to log in and will be presented with a basic screen that looked like this one below.
As you can see, they already have "compiled" play list where you can choose (each with 50 songs) to play immediately. I went to choose the "Halloween" play list and was rewarded with all the "ghoul" sounding (name) songs.
Click to enlarge
The streaming is impressive even on slow broadband. There is no stoppages like on Youtube or any other video/audio streaming. I was briefed that the songs are actually "downloaded" into your PC for even OFFLINE listening. I am yet to "locate" where they are kept.
Some will say this service is no different from an online radio station. I beg to differ as compared to radio station, there is no DJ and you get uninterrupted streaming of music.
If that is not impressive enough, you can even create your own play list and drag-drop songs into the play list as you like. I have created TWO play list for now. Elvis and Metallica.
It also has a "SEARCH" function and this will allow you to find even the most obscure of artist to play. I decided to test the system by test searching for a song named "Green Onion". This is a 60's song made famous with their instrumental guitar hum that remain evergreen till today. The system returned more than three hits on the song. Impressive.
Then i went to search for more stuff like Paul Anka. Believe me i found him doing cover for the like of Oasis and even Nirvana (fancy Wonderwall and Smell Like Teen Spirit, Paul Anka style?)

I must say i truly enjoy this experience and news has it that WOWLOUD will soon be releasing an Apps for Android and Apple (iDevices) users to stream music on their mobile devices. I am afraid to say the days of conventional media player will come to an end.
Where i see this will work is on small establishment such as cafe or even in the clinic waiting room where endless selected non-repeating songs and music can be played without having to worry about contravening any copyright issues. WOWLOUD is completely legal. The fact that you paid subscription fees for the service should be enough reasons why you can play this on a commercial premise (I will need to re-read the T&C again ;-))
But of course, WOWLOUD staffs do not get full breathing air and accolades, there will be charges involved (like a monthly subscription to continue to enjoy the music).
Until this unlimited free trail lives, i shall continue to listen to WOWLOUD on my working day.
Music, like clothes, reflects the man. What is in your playlist today?

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