Monday, October 17, 2011

iMessage : Update

My review on iMessage says that it will ride on Wi-Fi and in the absence of any Wi-Fi services, it will revert to carrier-rated SMS plan.
Over the weekend, i found out that it actually allow the usage of DATAPLAN to be used for the messaging, that is provided the other party has already updated their iDevices to iOS5.
So, there you have it. With this confirmed, this meant that Whatsapp among iDevices users will soon become redundant. All that is needed is to update to iOS5.
If you already on some sort of data plan, by all mean use it. If you aren't, it's time to consider doing so. What is an iPhone without data plan? It's plain ol' boring...err...Blackberry (also without it's data plan or BIS or BES or B-whatever).
With that too, please bear in mind to protect yourself from excessive data plan charges while on ROAMING, please disable the data roaming when you are out of the country.
I will not be responsible for excessive charges you (soon to) incur ;-).

Next Review : Assessibility Function To Replace HOME Button

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