Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Food You Can Buy For RM3

The media has been set abuzz with a RM3 meal that the Malaysian Prime Minister bought yesterday. Apparently, there is an initiative by the government to give affordable food under the Menu 1Malaysia program where breakfast will be served at less than RM2 and lunch, RM4. This was launched in July.
QBistro Tesco Mutiara Damansara
Seriously. For RM3.90 we get the above, with DRINKS? Then again, the menu is less than impressive with an omelette as the main dish. How many of the life threatening ingredient can you spot from the above?
While the intention is noble, the execution and perception leave much to be desired. A chinese daily today showed the image below of PM Najib Razak with a plate of mixed rice for RM3.00
I see chicken, more chicken (that's two piece of chicken), rice, bean sprout, some vege. All that for RM3?
Our prime minister have to know that this WILL not be what the Rakyat get for RM3 after he finish eating the food above.
Recently, i was estastic that i found a pack of rice, chicken and bean sprout for RM3. It was like finding a gem, more so as the place was in Bangsar.
Now, compare my RM3 meal with his RM3 meal.

All i can say is that i am SERIOUSLY shortchanged. I want what our Prime Minister is having for RM3!

On another thoughts, maybe not. Whatever he is having and what i had would had clog my artery and make me die prematurely. I guess the government did not thought of expensive medical subsidy by feeding the Rakyat CRAP!


  1. of coz la PM, he got more than other Malaysians :P

  2. I just pack lunch, save money. Every day eat the same poached kampung chicken organic salad with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil dressing. Boring hoh? :D

  3. Whoa... Which part of Bangsar? That chicken & beansprouts sure beats my RM2.80 pandan kaya bread which must last me 3-4 days...

  4. CFC - The Kari kepala Ikan shop behind TMC, same row as the Apom stall. :) Now i know the draw why there are so many ppl there everyday. At RM3, they already give value for the money!

    Gracie - sound boring, but many of us can live with that. :) I've been having cereal day in and day out.

    Kam - he is still a Malaysian...and should eat like one by paying the same too. Else, mana dia tau inflasi?