Friday, October 14, 2011

iOS5 Camera & Photo Enhancement

Lets face it. When we purchase a mobile phone, the specs of the camera will be one of the consideration. Of course nothing beats using a real camera to take a picture, much like using a real video camera to capture a video. There is a saying that goes like this
"A camera in hand is worth 1000 in the dry box"
The latest iPhone 4s is equipped with a 8megapixel camera. Couple that with the just launched iOS5, it is like a totally new ball game altogether.
My iP4 comes with 5megapixel camera which functions as it should. Sometimes, the noise level on low light condition makes the photo the one seen here. I have been extensively using PSMobile apps, which is actually a compact version of the PhotoShop software used widely to manipulate/enhance a picture. I use Instagram as well, for that known cropping and simple color enhancement (and i find the bokeh or tilt-shift function to be overused by some Instagram-ers to the extend their pictures looked...ugly)
If you are an iPhone user, i bet you have that apps called BigButton too, which essentially allows you to take a photo by tapping anywhere on the screen. Usually, with the one-point focus in iPhone4, it could be disastrous.
So, what did iOS5 added on?
It added a function on one of the five buttons found on iDevices - you can now use the VOLUME UP button as the shutter release! This mean you now have a more ergonomic (and less chances of dropping your phone) way to take a picture horizontally!
Taken/cropped from website
Got you sitting up straight now?
Here are more good stuffs.
For the purists and wannabe "photographer", there is the build in grid lines that allows you to "compose" your photo according to the one-third rule. You can enable this function via the Option tab on the screen. Same way, HDR could be activated as well if so needed.

Ever missed a moment because you had to SLIDE to unlock, then look for the camera icon, wait for it to boot up and that beautiful bird that made your eyes look twice just walk flew away? iOS5 has allowed you to activate the camera icon by double pressing the HOME button.
Saw the camera icon on lower right?
That got to shave off like 5 seconds when it mattered most. Just remember not to drive and use any devices, these are not iAccidentProof.
So, what else in store with this iOS5? Apparently, Apple decided to "undercut" some apps too. What you need some apps to do, such as removing red eye, cropping and auto enhancement comes with the iOS5.
Does it really matter? IMHO, yes. It does. Why would one not use an in-built function to do what other apps can do? No?
The Babe and The RayBan. Enhanced.
What you see above is NOT an apps, it's an in-built function accessible at the picture you view in iDevices. Clearly seen are the two other function (red eye reduction and cropping). The red eye reduction is a good addition as the iDevice's flash can be harsh. Unless it's Halloween's night, i don't think anyone would want to be seen like an animal (outside of bed).
Yeap - that is what i will do when she grew up and boys come a-calling. CONSTRAIN! ;)
 Done with the enhancement portion, the usual single focus and exposure lock stays as standard from the old OS and iOS5. What gives this one more level of ooomph is the function where you can opt (via SETTINGS) to load the photos iCould. Then, it automatically sync with all iDevices you have (like iPad) for viewing or instant editing before showing the bird to others.
Lastly, the iOS5 gives your pictures an opportunity to be placed into user-defined album. Now you can have "Birds", "Bees", "Neither Birds or Bees" in your Photo Album. More ways to get organised. Important if you are a picture hogger where 1/3 of your iDevices disk space are dedicated to pictures.
Still not convinced and want to wait for the bootable iOS5 Jailbreak? Slowly wait - at this stage, it might be faster over the average broadband connection and install them into your iDevices.

Possible future posting : Reminder, Newsstand, Calendar, Mail, etc. Stay tuned to for review on iOS5.

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