Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To Give A Good Handshake

Handshake, an art long forgotten as human become less socially inept when face to face. They are replaced with social media such as Twitter and Facebook where common courtesy is as common as common sense where it is not very common anymore.
During the days when a group of people meet, they will extend their hands and give each other a firm handshake as a form of acknowledgement. Depending on cultural practices where some might love to rub their noses instead (sorry, no guidance for this) or to kiss cheek (usually the ladies), or even in Malaysia where the art of handshaking takes the form of humbleness and politeness as sometimes, both hands are used. It will involve a slight embrace of the nose or lips on the elderly hands as a sign of respect.
But here, in today's more generic world where cultural differences and socially accepted norm takes a blur line, it is more important to ensure you do not end up embarrassing yourself, of the other party with just a handshake.
Just like first impression counts, a handshake tells a lot of the person as well. Confidence level are often associated with just a handshake. Deals are broken or closed with a handshake. Here is how to do it correctly.

Men - Men
1. Approach each other with a good posture.
2. While looking at each other in the eye, smile.
3. At the same time, extend the right hand out to the other person.
4. Grab the other person's hand firmly and give an assuring shake. Always ensure that the grip is firm without being overly soft like some limped dead fish or appear like you are going to strangle the other person's hand.
5. Hold the shake for a second or two at most. No one wants to be in that close physically connection more than it requires.
6. DO NOT tickle the other person's palm, unless you have every intention to do that and be prepared for any possible repercussion.

Men - Women
1. Approach each other with a good posture.
3. Smile.
4. Extend your right hand out to the other person.
5. Hold it firmly - remember, this is a lady you are shaking hands with. She would not appreciate a too loose or too tight handshake. You do not want her to think you are a wimp or an aggressive person. Shake with an assuring handshake that will remind her how cosy of a person you can be.
6. Yes, same timing applies. No more than 2 seconds, at most.
7. DO NOT tickle her palms or risk getting a tight slap on your face.

Good luck with your next handshake!

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