Friday, October 21, 2011

The 25th Kinabalu Climbathon

Last year, me and wifey attempted the race for the first time. At RM60/person, it is a real bargain and hard to resist challenge. The failure rate (of finisher) is high with average of 95% non-finisher. The race organizer has maintained a very high standard with regards to the finishing time. This year's race will be graced by the world champ Killian Jornet. The cutoff time for women (all age) and men veteran (40 and above at time of competition) will be 6hours. Men were a bit luckier as they have theirs to cut off at 4hours.
The total distance is just slightly above 21km.
Yeap. 21km and we have 4hours (Men below 40) to complete it.

I will be following wifey up tomorrow for her race and to take photos. On Sunday will be my race day. Wait up for the race report!

We don't expect to finish the race, but there is no shame in DNF-ing this one. I look forward to the full weekend with friends! See you all there!

*This year's Kinabalu Climbathon will be the Last Summit Race. From next year onwards, it will be turning off at Mersilau trail at KM4. Consider yourself lucky if you had register for the 25th Final Edition and racing them tomorrow!


  1. Hope you and wifey have a wonderful outing on the mountain!

  2. so how did the PR (Power Ranger) stack up to the PPG (Powder Puff Girl? awaits your report

  3. Hahah! PR vs PPG...lets just say that the PPG whacked the PR good.