Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are You A Sports Cheat?

The previous two post sort of opened many of our eyes on the reality of the local races in Malaysia. No doubt that sports cheat are everywhere, for example like this person that got 3rd placing in a local marathon (42km or 26.6miles) in UK.
Thanks Raymond "TomatoMan" Ng for sharing the news earlier today.
Perhaps there are too much pride in one-self that the need to be called "champion" or "winner" or "podium finisher" or even just "finisher" overtakes the sporting spirit that was in them.
No doubt when someone signed up for a race, they have every intention to complete them in the most honest manner altogether. Lets not forget the sports(wo)man spirit in each of us as well. This is so when we see fellow participants injured - helping them at our own expense (timing wise) is not cheating. Or if we see someone with a punctured tire in a race, i think it is completely OK to help - provided the decision to do so will not "help" the other person to win the race or otherwise. Yes, this is a very grey area, as any form of "assistant" will disqualify you in any races.
HOWEVER, if you "helped" yourself by latching on to a moving vehicle, "helped" another by pushing their bike,  "allowed" another to latch on you or use you for their advantage, or (seen before GASP!) hop onto a support vehicle and take a free ride to be as near to the finishing line (like the case highlighted above) - that is cheating already in my opinion.
I believe the cheating spirit is also a habit. I used to be laughed at by someone when i first started racing, with remark that until today still ring in my head. But i had the last laugh when that person was caught cheating by the race organiser by mean of skipping/missing one lap on the bike in a multi sports race - by hiding in some bushes and joining the race after the top 2 or 3 participant passed him. He went on to win the race but there was witness and record that showed his failure to be presence at certain checkpoints for timing verification.
He has most probably done the whole scheme a couple of times successfully.
This phenomenon is not limited to just men. We all know of a certain individual that win races by suspicious mean. It became apparent when you never recall someone overtaking you (especially if you are in podium position) and suddenly, as you cross the line, you found out that the someone already finish ahead of you.
Yes, we can be blur during the race - but when you are at the front, you know your chances and you know where you are.
So, really, don't cheat. You are only making yourself known as a major loser. Those doing the sports are a small community and words get around quickly.
And if you really want to cheat - do it outside of any race. Like for example the image shared with me by a reader to this blog by the name of Deti Affendi, with photo taken from Thank you Deti!
It's more fun when you are not racing
So, are you going to be a sports' cheat? I suggest you not as there is no pride in cheating.


  1. Sign up, pay, collect race pack, go to starting line and end up cheating!! Sigh, shd hv just stayed home.

  2. why bother even signing up? For the T-shirt to claim "i did the race?"

  3. Hey Stupe. I am very glad I completed KOM with my blood and sweat, despite the setbacks I encountered. And yes, there were plenty that latched on to lorries and their support cars going up hill. Including one from a local tv station where they did sponsor quite a number of cyclists and many were seen latching onto their support car. Shameful indeed. Might as well not come at all.

  4. Sign up, pay, collect race pack, go to starting line, end up cheating...and the worst part is later they have the cheeks to GLOAT they did this race or that race! So tak malu. At least if they just quietly retreat to their corners it's another story.

    in my short stint of running, I've witnessed a LOT of cheaters esp those among the back-of-the-packs. Seriously, why bother? Baik duduk rumah tgk tv!


  5. HZ - i agree. they are cheating no one but themselves.

    which was the reason why i always cringe when someone tell me they ran a 2:30 "marathon"....only to find out it's some 10km or 15km race.