Thursday, October 13, 2011

BURP! At Bangsar Shopping Centre

Bangsar has a lot of food places. It ranges from the cheaper hawker stalls to the most upmarket boutique food place where a meal will cost you RM50.
For a peasant like me working in Bangsar, the constant challenge is to get affordable food. Short of having bread every day (for the past 4 weeks actually, almost), there got to be variety. I recently managed to find a RM3.00 lunch which consist of a bowl of rice, fried chicken, bean sprout (taugeh) and covered with min(fish) curry. It was satisfying - only because it was RM3.00.
Anuar's Fish Head Curry Rice
I am risking heart attack and big tummy if i have this everyday. Not to forget fingers that smell as if they were  marinated with spices.
Wifey came to look for me for lunch last week - as she did not help to prepare bread. We chance upon this place in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) which was located on 4th floor of the new wing.
BURP! Now, do i burp before i walk in, or after?
The concept is very similar to those upmarket foodcourt available throughout Klang Valley. Where you are given a card and your purchases are keyed in to be paid upon exiting. I can only think of similar system in Marche. However, Marche uses cardboard as a mean to stamp your purchases. My recent trip to Bangkok tells me that that city is more advance as most of the foodcourt in major shopping centre uses this system.
Closer to home, the layout and concept is similar to Food Republic in One Utama. But unlike One Utama which IMHO has ventilation issue (you will end up smelling like fried kuey teow after eating there), BURP! actually devoid of that.
The food selection in BURP! is commendable though the choices, after three visits proves to be a bit limited.
Pricing wise they are competitive when compared to what is available in BSC, Bangsar Village (BV I&II). The first time we were there, i ordered a nice Thai Green Curry Chicken rice for RM8.90. Not too bad considering the portion of the curry which was enough for another serving of rice. Wifey ordered a hot plate yee mee, which cost the same. It was commendable as i still think anything on hot plate eaten outside are more of a gimmick.
Thai Food with authentic Siam speaking kar (lady)
The Green curry was ok as i would prefer them to be less salty.
Apart from Thai Food, living up to it's name as the Asian Food Gallery, the compulsory Penang food, the Nasi Campur, Yong Tau Foo, Chicken Rice, even a Japanese Teppan,, Hot plate, quick fry (such as fried rice and noodles), mamak and a drink stall made up the whole place.
OK. A tad expensive at RM9/plate...
Penang Food with Nasi Bojari at RM16.50 to be most expensive. The Char Kuey Teow looked great.
Mamak and Drink stall next door.
 The mamak's pricing was suprisingly most competitive. A Roti Sardin is RM3. A Roti Kosong is RM1.50. A teh tarik is RM1.50 too. Not too shabby considering the location! We had the above for tea yesterday as we both skipped lunch and decided on something slightly heavier to skip dinner too.
For today, our third visit within a week, the food though still looked good, looked like there isn't much choices anymore. Opting for something predictable, we ended up ordering a Mee Goreng Melaka and a Briyani Ayam.
RM8.90 and quite a portion too. It's like a Mee Goreng Mamak minus the oily feeling.
Chicken Briyani. The rice is Basmati but lack the spices. "Blank" Briyani is RM3.50, which is actually alright.
 The ambiance of BURP! is pretty nice with tables and chairs nicely spaced out. Like i said, ventilation was great that even the Japanese Teppanyaki stall we sat nearby did not foul our shirt or hair. The drink stalls was surprisingly not exorbitant with a can of Coke with ice sold for RM2.20. I have sort of decided that if i want to have a drink outside, i will just go for can drink to avoid watered down ice tea that will cost the same. 
One side of BURP! overlook Pusat Bandar.
For RM10/pax, you actually can get a decent meal without feeling that you are ripped off - more so with the cleaner ambiance compared to eating at the kopitiam with suspicious looking kitchen. I have nothing against hawker, just that i have not explored Bangsar to find which are the "to go" kopitiam. At the rate things are going, it will be another month before i will venture out...
sustainable and very "green" with the reuseable "passport"
So, if you are in Bangsar and feel like spending a lil bit more compared to your usual lunch, you now have a brief review of BURP! and what is in there.
The photo quality was a lil bit disappointing with the iPhone 4, but i suspect it's more of the user's problem than the phone problem. :)


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