Friday, October 14, 2011

Moving Forward To A Healthier Life

The news is still grappling me in shock. I know TSB about 5 or 6 years ago when he first rode with some of us. I remember his Scott. I remember his happy go lucky persona even when i knew him the very first time. I remember his passion for food. He writes well. He writes critically and constructively. He is sometimes, misunderstood.
Truth to be told, this is the second passing of a friend within a week's period. I received same disturbing news of another friend i communicate with online. He runs too. 35. And with a young family. Rest in Peace Wymen.
I am reflecting on myself as i am writing this. How will it be like if it is me instead of him? Will i be able to say what i want, do what i dreamed of, or be a better person?
When Wymen passed away while running, it got me thinking; what if it was me? What will I do and am i prepared to go? How will my wife and children be?
It got me thinking.
Wifey sort of strikes it squarely with her statement as we were chatting on Gtalk
"i still cannot believe it... its a wake up call that dun wait for the next day to do things as tomm maybe your last..."
As most of you know, i am a passionate person. There is a reason why my blog is dedicated to SwimBikeRun and all my life behind it. I was never born a sportsperson. I don't have the gene for that. No one in the family from both sides of the family ever excel in sports. My quest for health was what drove me to adopt the lifestyle that i have.
But the lifestyle that i am adopting will potentially kill me.
Being the person that i am, i am often in denial about my own health while being ultra concerned about my own family.
The episode where my blood iron level took a major dip was an eye opener. That took me close to two years to recover and now, i am having sciatica and doing all i could to help improve it.
Desaru 2009. My Last Desaru. The turning point close to quitting.
So, where was i trying to get at?
We often take our own health for granted. A lot of us active people has this thoughts that "it won't happen to me". The passing of two friends within a 6 days of each other is an indication that we can never be too sure of our own body, even if we take effort to live a healthier life.
To those smoking - time to quit. I managed that. Cold turkey, close to 8 years ago. If i can do it. So can you.
To those drinking - consider to slow down and minimize. No point getting all drunk and causing people around your with more misery.
To those having unhealthy diet - time to consider to eat clean and be conscious about what you put in your mouth. Once a while feasting on some food is OK. But don't eat more than what your body need.
To those not exercising - time to get off that couch and start simple exercise. You can ask me how or you can ask your family doctor how.
My last medical examination was 1 month ago before i joined this company. Before that, it was 4 years back before i joined the previous company. I never had any medical check up unless i have to. Perhaps, that is about to change. I will make it a yearly routine. So should you. Yes, it will cost money. But life is something you can't buy.
I have a resting heart rate of 55, i don't drink and i have quit smoking. I try to eat healthily as much as i could, i really do try. But it's hard.
Between gastric and any possible food - food wins.
Today, as i was driving back after paying TSB my last respect, i can't help but to think if that was me laying there.
I now make a promise for myself and those close to me, that i will make it a point to get medical check up done on an annual basis. I will eat more whole food and less processed food. I will listen to my body when i am racing or training. I wish all of you reading this will make a personal pledge as well. Lets live long enough to see each others' grandkids get married. I don't think that is too much to ask for.


  1. Most of us are a misunderstood bunch. If you asked me, I'd say, let it be. I've long ago decided I didn't have all the time in the world to convince people or explain myself. They want to judge, well, let them have a field day, I really don't care :)

    The late TSB was a unique character, he lived his ideals and IMHO if we looked past the sarcasm, we'd have seen that sometimes he hit the nail RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, like that lah. Even though I didn't always agree with what he wrote, there were times when I thought his outspoken disposition was rather admirable. Not everyone has the guts, most of us are too afraid of brickbats to lend our opinions :)

    Yup, it was a shock to everyone who knew him. Even to my husband, who only saw his comments on a mutual friend's posts in FB. It was just too soon and too sudden. Then again, our days are numbered, every soul shall taste death.

    I can't agree more about taking stock of our health. Too many people are taking it for granted. And if I may say, regular exercise is MANDATORY even when we are not signing up for everything. It should be a habit we'll never break. It doesn't have to take too much out of our lives, really...even 20 minutes a day when you're really pressed for time is sufficient. Sadly, most of us only workout when we need to lose weight!

    And I don't know how this will sink, but IMHO even when we consciously know we are doing everything right, it is still imperative to go for checkups at least once a year. We may be having medical conditions we're unaware of, even as we speak, coz as you know there are just too many undetected diseases in this age.

    Sorry I rambled too long...this post is very insightful. Thank you.

    Kak Haza

  2. Kak Haza - how are you. Been some time since i last saw you.

    I agree. TSB is a character that either you like him, or hate him (RIP). For those that know him well, we know he meant no harm and he speaks with his mind - not with his heart. Emotion has never been his "weapon" of choice when he is angry. I love how he writes and expresses himself that sadly many misunderstood him.

    I choose to see him as he is. He is there when you needed help. He brings you another side of the story you are telling. He sees that every problem, there is opportunity to improve.

    TO be frank, i am still shaking. I asked my wife what if that was me. What will she do? She has no answer.

    Most of us active people always take things for granted. The "it won't happen to me" attitude always stays there.

    what? a pain in the back? suck it up lah.

    Fever? it off man!

    Been there too many times. I have my own eye-opener medical condition that has made me think if i should continue, stop or take things easy.

    I guess the choice is obvious. Most of us won't be racing for podium though some of us successfully does that. I envy them.

    For those like me, that does the sports to interact, socialise and to be with friends; and now, i have a bonus as my ex-gf (wife lah!)follows my footstep by taking up running. Our only hope is to emulate this healthy living to our kids so they will know the importance of a healthy balanced life.

    Many of us need to re-think our priority in life. I am one of them.

    No ramblings too long Kak Haza. As you know, by interacting through writing, we often are able to express ourselves better.

    Whether we agree with each other, that also can be arranged ;-)

    Have a good day, do keep in touch! :D