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Spritzer Mineral Water and Dispenser

Spritzer in Malaysia is synonym with quality bottled water. They have been around since the 1980’s and started operation in Taiping, Perak.  Today, the company comprises of five subsidiaries which are involved in the manufacturing and distribution of natural mineral water, sparkling natural mineral water, distilled drinking water, carbonated fruit flavoured drink, non-carbonated fruit flavoured drink, functional drink, toothbrushes, preforms and packaging bottles.
Their facility is 300 acres wide and covered in lush greenery of Kamunting. Mineral water produced at the plant has a green cap to denote that they are mineral water. The mineral water is sourced from 400ft underground and then hygienically filtered and bottled to international standards. The products are duly certified by ABWA (Asia Middle East Bottled Water Association) and certified to ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP (MS 1480:2007 and Codex Alimentarius) by SIRIM QAS International & SGS respectively. 
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Being the leading mineral water supplier in the country, it comes as no surprise when they recently launched their water dispenser range that will serve offices and home alike.
 Many of us are familiar with these water dispensers after having seen them available and used in our place of work or in some other public places. The Stand and Mini Dispenser has the ability to dispense hot and cold water which is great and purpose built.
One thing I noticed is that the other dispenser I have seen requires you to purchase those big 5 gallon water bottles which potentially weigh close to 20kg. It will take someone strong (and with a good back) to haul it up over the standing dispenser.
What Spritzer does here is that they has customized or rather, comes out with sizing that even the most demure person could replenish the water without much effort.
I was given the Mini Dispenser to review by Spritzer today for review. It is a nifty little dispenser weighing about 630grams that takes up a small footprint on the kitchen table (less than 1feet square)
 The introduction of this mini dispenser (does not dispense hot or cold water) also meant that the cost of ownership to run an electrical dispenser has been greatly reduced. This unit is capable of taking in readily available 6liter bottle that could be purchased from hypermarket and supermarket.
The availability of the 9.5liter is harder to find but I am sure Spritzer will start stocking them up in tandem with the availability of the dispensers. However, a quick visit to Spritzer’s website says that you can purchase the water online and it’s free delivery! Only limitation is that they are limited to Klang Valley for now. Not too sure if the services will extent outside of Klang Valley or in major cities in Malaysia.

9liter RO water
Both the new bottles are designed in such way that it could be used as the conventional (spill free) pour bottle or to be used with the dispensers. As mineral water could not be everyone’s preference, the water comes in two other variant of reverse osmosis and also distilled water.
For the environmentally conscious, the 6 liters and 9.5liters bottle are made from eco-friendly PET material and as the sizes available are smaller, they uses 50% less PET material to make compared to the usual 5 gallon (or 18.9liters) bottle.
The dispenser is sturdy enough to hold up to 20liters of water and that could be a preference for those that consume large volume of water per day. On the average, a family of 4 adults will consume about 10 liters of water a day for both cooking and drinking.
I foresee the needs to replenish a 6liter bottle to be once every two days should the cooking water are directly sourced from the tap. At least than RM3/day, that is still a low price to pay for quality bottled water of known sources.
One of the biggest advantages of this mini dispenser is that they are highly portable and could be used outdoor as well. They could be placed on top a car, a makeshift table, by the river etc. By using a dispenser, chances of spillage and also wastage can be kept to minimum and the water hygiene can assured.
The brochures read that it could take up to 20liter bottle, which the full sized 5 gallon is usually found in office. How does a 5gallon bottle look like? Below is a pictorial comparison.
The smaller 6liter shown above is definitely a friendly size for smaller people to handle. It is not as daunting as the larger 5gallon bottle definitely.
Part of review covers to see if the dispenser could actually stand up for some abuse. Some might be sceptical with the sturdiness of the mini dispenser and believe me when I say they stood up really well supporting my 76kg body

No flexing, no sign of the unit giving away. Well done. This unit will stand up to the abuse! The only reason why I do this is because this unit is highly portable; there will be chances of it being used by kids that find it amusing to use it as stool. So, rather than having parents screaming their lungs out in case the unit collapse under any weight, best to try it out myself. Make sense?
I then started to play around with the unit and found out that the receiving bowl could be removed. This is good as it will allow more thorough cleaning and also servicing of leaky spout. One can just DIY if needed to replace the spout.
It is a simple twist to detach the bowl that is held by 3 slotted lock. No tools required, just common sense
How does it look like in one’s kitchen? I guess it is a matter of preferences. At home, I use a stainless steel water container and it serves it purpose well. With the Spritzer Mini Dispenser, I now have an option to place another water container so I could use filtered/distilled/RO/Mineral water for cooking. It will be put to good use.

Spritzer Mini Dispenser is now only available in Giant, Cold Storage & selected petrol kiosk. It is priced at RM36 the last I checked. Not too bad for something this portable!

Spritzer has won numerous awards with their products and what would be more assuring that to drink water from a known source? Make the informed choice for a healthier living!
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