Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Epic Fail : Overweight Policeman

This photo has been circulating in Facebook. An image of a man seen in Malaysian Traffic Police uniform, with the unmistaken PDRM Yamaha Superbike in the background.
Now, imagine the amount of material needed to make the uniform, and how that superbike power-to-weight ratio are significantly reduced.
I am giving the benefit of doubts here that the Man might not be a real policeman. As Malaysian Policeman where got so fat? If he stand in a parade (as in a marching parade), he will potentially take up two person's space rendering the uniformity of the parade void.
I hope this is really not a policeman.


  1. I guess that's why he's on a bike so he can be on scene faster, BTW it's okay what to have bunch of sumo warriors in the force....

  2. Malangnya, we are not in Japan. :) Sumo wrestler in Japan goes through very strict diet and training to have equal power to weight ratio. They looked fat, but most sumo wrestler has fat percentage as low as 10% only. They have massive muscle mass after being subjected to close to 5000 calorie meals a day in two huge meal.

    They train for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in evening with atfternoon spent to rest to encourage weigh gain.

    their work out will burn close to 2000 calories per session and if you net that, they only eat 1000 calorie more than usual human.

    So, really, equating obese policemen with sumo wrestler is an insult to the sumotori.

  3. Can we guesstimate one's body fat just by looking at pictures? He could be as agile as Sammo Hung. We'll never know. But at least have the courtesy to blur the plate number.

  4. that is why i say he might not be a policeman.

    and the plate number...the image was taken from facebook lah, i wasn't the one taking the photo. :)

  5. If he is not a real police then we are all in trouble. That means the police uniform and bike are easy get in anywhere and by anyone!!! So you may imagine the police id and tag too.

  6. Maybe like how khalil says.... He is as agile as samo and as as strong as sumo wrestler.