Thursday, October 27, 2011

Malaysian Sports Reporter Epic Fail

We all know Kilian Jornet won the 25th Kinabalu Climbathon otherwise known as SkyRunner SuperCup last Sunday in 2:41:04.
We also know that Marco de Gasperi still hold the record for the climb at 2:33:56, which is a World Record.
Record stated 2:33:56 (WR) on Marco's name.
We also know that Majestic Mount Kinabalu is 4095m. It was 4101m when i went up in 1992. The height was corrected in 1997.
Then, we have sports reporter that reported everything wrongly, even not caught by the  editor or the chief editor and allowed to be published to the masses.
So, now, we have a NEW WORLD RECORD and a NEW Mount Kinabalu height. At 7357m, we now have, according to Utusan Malaysia, have the second tallest mountain after Mount Everest (8848m) and beating Mt. Nanga Parbat (4608m).
Malaysia Boleh!
Seriously, our reporter HAVE to learn to do their homework! This goes out to also those that call a run less than 42km as MARATHON!
Lets see how long before the article is corrected. You read about this mistake here on October 27, 2011 at 11:15am.


  1. in this newspaper.. kita boleh percaya 2 perkara ja..

    1. No Ekor..
    2. Jumlah gol..

    Lain2 boleh abaikan... :P

  2. Arman - hahahahaah! Kau mungkin betul dengan kenyataan tu! :D