Wednesday, October 05, 2011

World Championship Ironman Kona 2011

"Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles, Run 26.2 miles. Brag for the rest of your life!"
- John Collins, Ironman founder, 1978

Come October 8, more than 1000 super-human will be at the start line of the Swim at Kailua Bay. The word "You Can" will be playing in their head. Anticipation of the day's journey to be called Ironman by the end of the cut off time of 17hours will constantly drives the first time Ironman participants to finish the race.
For the man pro, I will be rooting for the Craig "Crowie" Alexander. He should have an easy race without Chris "Macca" McCormack hot on his back. For the women pro, the choice is obvious with Mirinda Crafrea.
But the real hero will the age grouper. The very same people like you and me. They are inspirational.

Trailer to The 17 Hours - unfortunately, need to pay to watch/rent. Not available in Malaysia.
It has been more than a year since I participated in the Ironman race. With Langkawi not in the race calendar anymore, that meant the affordability standard for Malaysian to be called Ironman is inversely proportionate with the exchange rates. Currently, the cheapest option will be Busselton or China. That too, will be about 8 times if not 10 times the cost to race in Malaysia.
Triathlon is a niche sports in Malaysia and some equal it to an "elitist" sports due to the equipment involved. I beg to differ. While equipments can and will boost one confident, the real deal is when these normal human put in the effort to clock in the mileage for the swim, the bike and the run as a preparation for the race. Well, putting in "effort" is usually an understatement.
I say normal as there is no full time professional triathletes in Malaysia short of those training/racing for the country in SEA Games or Asian Games.
In fact, when you mention Ironman to the general public, they will think you are referring to Ironman : The Movie.
An Ironman race consist of 3.9km/2.4Miles SWIM. Followed by a short break (usually less than 2 minutes) before one hop onto their bicycle to cycle for 180.2km/112Miles. Followed by another short break (this time maybe less than 1 minute) before changing into running shoes to complete a 42.2km/26.2Miles run.
Total distance is a cool 226.3km/140.6Miles. 
Possibly more if you zig zag on your race course ;-)
Link to the video above - Thank you KAM
Racing in Kona, or rather getting a slot in Kona is like getting the Holy Grail in the quest of being an Ironman. It’s the place where the Who’s Who in the triathlon world will congregate and pit themselves against themselves and each other.
It is a battle of human spirit for many age grouper. Some trained for months to prepare, most trained for a year, many make it a lifelong commitment.
It’s a lifestyle.
Perhaps, that is why it is an “elitist” sports where the only elite thing about it is your own personal achievement over your greatest arch-rival – Yourself.
Impossible is IM Possible – short for IronMan Possible. Yes You Can. You Will Do It.

Link To Video Above - Thank You TSB!
So, while i am here, looking back at my three humble journey to be called Ironman three times, I just feel fragile. But the sacrifices I've put in my first Ironman in 2008, the hardship in my second Ironman in 2009 and the tenacity I have shown to myself in my third Ironman in 2010 proves to me why this "elitist lifestyle" that i lead is the best way forward in my life. I am proud to say I have influenced many along the way. I have inspired two or three if not a dozens. I have made many things possible. I am more willing to be racing 17hours to end than be sitting in the office for the same duration. 
I am what I am. I have the bragging rights.
I am Ironman


  1. Dude, watching those two videos brings back memories. Happy painful memories. Now semangat to do another one! Thanks for posting!

  2. Dude...i long for an IM race. Been too long. Way too long.

  3. I feel you. Lucky for me, I have Melbourne. I'll go broke doing this race, but it'll be worth it :)

  4. Video tu terbalik, I compiled the top one, yg bawah tu TSB (RIP) buat.