Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Traffic To My Blog

Has been dwindling so badly that even advertisers are considering to pull the plug. With the usage of social network such as Twitter and Facebook being more popular, "blogging" is now seen as outdated and not popular anymore.
Being an average looking married male in the blog sphere, i am not as attractive compared to some women (married or otherwise) whom could command more readership and hence having a higher level of traffic to entice advertisers.
Some says that "bloggers" are "beggars" expecting handouts and special treatment just because they blog/criticize/review products and services.
Anyway, my average page view per day is about 130 and unique visitors to my blog is average of 80 everyday.
I am like the reference book in the's there, but no one wants to see it...and no one (advertisers) wants to take me out of the library.
Whatever it is, this blog will stay as a small window to my life and the passion i have for the things i do at work and with the family.
That value should not change as that was the purpose of this blog.

If i wanted traffic, i would had just posted porns.


  1. Well said Stupe! We'll continue blogging because we enjoy blogging :)

  2. Rightly so bro. :) it's a dying "art" with some of us "writers" losing out to "graphic" artist...oh...and boobs display.

  3. Dont' stop blogging! Cos all the other regular bloggers already have :( Nobody visits my blog either. I prob get less than 20 visitors per day. But I like looking back at what I've posted previously because its like a little diary to remember the good times I've had. Chicken soup on a bad day I'd say.

    Also wanted you to know, you were the first person to comment on my blog too!Thanks a bunch and do pop in and visit. I need some traffic too lol!

  4. Lin - hurry put ur blog link here so everyone can help with the traffic ;-)

    Thanks for the words. Looking back i have been blogging since May 2004. Got to be proud that i am still doing this 7 plus years later. :)

  5. Yea don't stop blogging. Wow. My visitors per day is more than yours hehe.

    Anyway, first time commenting here.

  6. Fiona - show off :P anyone's blog has higher traffic than mine :(

  7. Nah. Everyone's blog direction is diff. I guess beauty blog is diff :P

  8. But i also Beautiful ler. :) :) Thanks for dropping by again!

  9. Haha and you're more famous than me! It's a win-win situation.