Monday, October 10, 2011


I have been around in the cyberspace since May 2004 and with the re-launch of the blog to be a more personalized domain name, here are some good to know stuff :
  • I Swim. I Bike. I Run. Been building healthy run mileage and loving every kilometers on the road and trails.
  • I am an advocate of healthy living and eating. I used to weigh 85kg and went down to as low as 67kg. Realising that I do not have enough of power for my sports, i carefully "re-build" and now stand at 70.5kg - optimum Power-To-Weight ratio.
  • This domain was registered on October 8, 2011 to commemorate my 7th Wedding Anniversary (so i won't forget to re-new the domain name every year)
  • I started off as 
  • On a good day get like close to 1500 page views (that was when i buy myself an ice cream). That is thanks to people like you that visit my blog!
  • I am in my thirties, married to a wonderful woman, have two kids and two dogs.
  • I have two legs, one butt and own four bicycles (one TT bike, one road bike, one mountain bike, one classic bike) and one "Steel Is Real" Colnago frame that is yet to be built.
  • Don't ask me about shoes. I lost count.
  • Trained as an Electrical & Electronic Engineer. Never practiced as one.
  • Have a full time job and would classify myself as an exceptionally efficient and sharp Project Manager.
  • I work as hard as i Swim, Bike and Run.
  • Primary reason for this blog is as a form of expression and to improve my writing and grammar skills (so please put up with any mistakes, i do my best to ensure they are understandable without making the English teacher in you roll in pain)
  • I blog about everything and every one around me. I share tips, improvement, training logs, write my long after race reports, post photos
  • I have done products, services and food reviews. Please email me at the email below if you are interested to get some stuff reviewed. It will cost you something - at a minimum, a teh tarik (and that is to find out what you want to review...two teh tarik if the review is extensive)
  • If you want to contribute to help me maintain this site, please donate to opstupe at via Any amount is appreciated.
  • Please share the blog entry if you like them. There are easy button at the bottom of each post to propagate/share it in your Twitter timeline (@tristupe), Facebook page, Googleplus circle, email them if you find the entry useful or even blog them in your own blog (and credit to me please)
  • All photos used are my own unless mentioned otherwise. I will credit the owner of the photos by linking the photos back to your page. I will do what i could to inform you that the photos are being used, usually by leaving a comment in the post where the photos are taken. 
  • I can be reached at im at tristupe dot com (though i still have the old email)
  • You Can "Like" and be a fan at my Facebook page here: