Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Run With A Twist - RunFest

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Got to be the most mysterious run I have ever seen. Organised by RunFool and it features a "tribe" like approach. Think of it as the sports house back in school.
To enter, one can register straight at the website OR take the more adventurous way of taking their WTF (What The Tribe) test to see which tribe you fit in.
They promise secret meet up (and registration) and i supposed the tribe thingy are meant for group run during the race.
Great concept and the whole aim (i think) is to bring back the real interaction (i.e. face to face, if some of you remember how ;-)) by running, but we can still update our Facebook wall and Twitter to interact if you are shy.
I have taken the WTF test. My tribe shall remain a secret. See you at the secret meet up. We will acknowledge each other with secret handshake.

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