Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Been Too Well

I was down with food poisoning on Monday, despite only eating items available at home. The only variable was the nasi lemak that wifey bought after her run on Sunday.

But that would been too long of a period for any bacteria to gestate before it became full blown food poisoning, no?

I was frequenting the toilet bowl every other hour on Monday, less on Tuesday, even lesser on Wednesday and only twice yesterday.

Today, i found my appetite to eat again.

Along those days of this week, i had to battle gastric as i can't take in much solids, let alone energy beverages such as Milo.

And two days ago, i had this nauseating feeling with my head pounding and heart racing with cold sweat breaking. Going up the stairs was a chore, i had to lie down for fear of blacking out.

Waking up from sleep was fine until i stood up and start feeling dizzy again.

Low blood pressure?

Low Sugar?

Today, or rather, 10 minutes ago, after much persuasion (and not very happy one at that) by mum and wifey, i decided to go to the panel clinic to check.

The doctor, which i saw like just a week ago, was surpised to see me all pale.

He compared his palms with mine. I was shocked myself.

Pressure 120/60. Normal.
Heartrate 76bpm. This is at least 16bpm higher than my resting heartrate, and at least 26bpm compared to what i wakes up with.

He had me laid down. Took my blood sample.

I know how my blood looked like in volume and i was pretty shocked to see them so....watery. It is usually thicker. This one, watery, but red. But not dark red.

He say he will call when the lab get back to him.

He told me to go home, rest. If i am driving, consider to get my wife to pick me up.

I walk.

I walked back to office, and now I am typing this, I can feel my heartbeat on my head. It feels like i did a good interval run, minus warm sweat, but cold sweat.

A colleague asked me how come i don't look as tan, and if i've not been training.

I told her about the food poisoning and the visit to the doctor and she says no wonder why i looked so pale, and tired.

What is happening?

I am not sure. I am waiting for the doc to call me once the blood results comes back.

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