Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Congrats Ebengy and Ee-Von

My lil sister that is younger by 4 years got married yesterday, 21st September.

It is really a different experience for the family as this is the second marriage that happened and from a totally different perspective where my parents are "sending" off their daughter.

I was made MC designate for the wedding reception and was a bit jittery to begin with. Actually, i shouldn't be, since i can't stop talking.

The day started on Sunday, which coincidently was my parents' 34th Wedding anniversary.

There were a small eating session, which my mum over-catered for families, only to see them not showing up. It was really sad to see the wastages. Not helping with the holiday season where a lot of people either had made plans much earlier and has RSVP-ed out of courtesy or the typical Malaysia Tak-Apa attitude.

But we chose not to see the down side of it and just enjoy the company of those that made it.

Everything was geared towards the big day on 21st.

As usual, the chinese wedding would not be completed without the "torturing" session. My mum sort of helped his future son-in-law by giving the convoy the house key! Cheeky!

Heng Tai(brother) to Groom : If they make us eat those bird eye chillis again, you're on your own, ok?

But it was all fun and good end of the morning session. The compulsory tea ceremony went as expected with me taking place after my parents to recieve the tea.

It was new for me and Wifey. I guess there are priviledge being the eldest.

I can't imagine the day she get married and how i will be feeling

The bride and groom then next went back to the groom's house where there is another waiting party and tea ceremony to attend to.

For me, this session was particularly significant because the traditional top that was worn by my sister belongs to wifey, and it was worn by two other friends before as well. It is not easy to find something this traditional and not the cliche Cheongsam.

I hope this Kua will be worn by my youngest sis, then by either Ryan's wife or Nadia when they get married. I know it is really too far of some thinking, but at the rate the kids are growing up, it makes you wonder if i will be 50 tomorrow and they getting hitched (at 18???) Never say never, i guess.

The rest of the day was spent resting at home and me going through the reception flow and writing the transcript while sitting on the toilet bowl and later, lying down trying to appease the head-thumping-ache and racing heart.

It is my sister's wedding. I must do it. I will. I must.

I left early to the venue and left Wifey and the kids to come later with my MIL and SIL. Part of the plan is to lessen the exposure time for Ryan before he turns uncontrollable again. It is embarrassing sometimes, and you can imagine that i am already quite thick skin - just how more embarrassing it could be when Ryan starts to be tyRyant!

There were a little hiccup with the seating arrangement but nothing the families and fantastic helpers (friends mostly) could not solve. The show went on and i was MC designate.

Practice make perfect, but i was jittery. The main aim, i told myself, was not to embarass myself or the newlywed. So i kept to the minimal.

It worked fine until somewhere between the first course and second Ryan turned tyRyant.

No choice. Wifey decided to pack them up and goes back home. Sacrifices she has to make. Love you darling.

The rest of the evening went much smoother as the hungry stomachs were fed.

Then came the toast. I am speaking in English when the crowd are 85% chinese educated.

This is like selling medicine in English to a crowd of Swahili speaking natives.

Somehow, the food must had been good that the crowd did not really noticed what i've even said.

The toast went on well with the customary YAM SENG!

Brig. Jen. Goh (groom's dad) and Ben, the groom went on to give their speeches and all wells, ends well!

Congrats again to the both of you, my sister, Ee-Von and my new addition to the family, Ben. We only hope and wish that your marriage will be blessed and would be filled with all things hot(like the chillies), all things bitter (like the freshly made bittergourd drinks), all things flavorful (that yellow liquid, i am not even sure what was that!) and all things sweet (like the peanut butter).

My sister is not a hard person to please, i've spent a big part of my life growing up with her, arguing and had our spats of "no talking period". But essentially, we are all a family, and family stick by you, and stand up for you in whatever you do.

Welcome to the family and i wish both of you nothing but the best in offsprings,health and wealth!!!

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