Wednesday, September 02, 2009

LIMF - LeTuang Impossible Mission Force : Mission 4th Floor

This entry got nothing to do with anyone dead or alive, famous or otherwise. Any resemblences are highly regretted.

We figured out, as part of our plan to take over the country, going in to the 4th Floor dressed as Taliban might not be a very good choice.

Some of the members that has accepted the challenge to "do the country a big favour" has decided to dress up as the Premier's wife.

This should allow at least one of them to get passed the security (and also Toll Keeper KJ).

But the question remain - WHO?

Your pick, please.

1. Puan Sri Dr. Azlia

2. Puan Sri Dr. XXXXXX
Removed as he will be involved in a real covert operation. His status is now unknown. Elevated to higher position in the team.

3. Puan Sri Dr. Shazliza

4. Puan Sri Dr. Eevana

5. Puan Sri Dr. Kharisa

6. Puan Sri Dr. Rafiqah

It will be a dangerous mission and we could possible strap/pack ourselves with enough C4 to "get into the shape" and mimic Puan Sri Dr.

Whoever that managed to do the above and success, will be made a matyr.

Vote now.

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