Tuesday, May 01, 2012

10km Chicken Sperm Loop

I think i might be over promoting my SPERM LOOP which is a 15km in/out loop from TTDI to Bukit Damansara and back. It is the perfect training ground and provide good flat and elevation training. Today is my last run before carbo-reloading (as this is to prepare for Borneo Marathon this weekend), fresh from Bali Marathon last week. Intention today is to run enough to deplete the glycogen storage and prepare the body for proper carbo loading. Without trying to do a LSD right before a 42km, a 10km run should be sufficient - provided it is done in an intensity high enough with above average effort.
Hence, the "Chicken Sperm Loop" title of today's posting.
Meet up with Phui Tin, Lynn and Pat, together with wifey and another of Phui Tin's friend we started off from TTDI and ran towards Bukit Damansara. Experience has allowed me to estimate the 5km mark and it should lay somewhere near the roundabout at Beringin gated community.
Pace was to be decided but the intention was to make it fast. After the first 1km of warm up, i picked up my pace and raced towards KLGCC. Thinking I was fast, i realised that Lynn (she did a 4:23 in Bali) was right behind my foot! Holy-Moly!
Been some time since a training session become a pseudo-race and i picked up the pace to to match her's - or to stay ahead of her.
Needless to say, i was hyperventilating at a sub 4:00 pace and HR running at 170+bpm. I swear i saw her smiled.
I am also getting used to the Garmin Forerunner 910XT and familiarising myself with the whole GPS-watch-tracking thingy. Wait up for a review on it soon.
The run concluded in 1:03.15 at 10.61km, which was really decent considering the elevation gain of about 150m over the 10km distance. It was a superb workout.
Ran the distance and it is time to start reloading. What better way than to repair and supplement with a big cup of banana+papaya+Whey+milk+chiaseed smoothie? 350kcal/serving for the win!
How i maintained my tiptop condition. Real food.
By the way, i wrote a long post on healthy living and how discipline plays the utmost important factor. Sadly, the post went missing as i was trying to publish it this morning. Something is not right with Blogger as all my scheduled posting need to be "manually" published everyday - rendering the "auto-publishing" useless. Anyway, i believe my current lifestyle is already an example that many could use to push themselves for a healthy life. For those of you reading my blog - i thank you, for you are the reasons why i am still writing and sharing.

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  1. Thanks for the run...i follow u la...where got u follow my pace...haha...u need to find another animal loop again soon...haha.