Thursday, February 16, 2012

15km Sperm Loop

The office gave Feb 14 half day off to all of us. I was taken a back but was pleasantly surprised. I left for home and was back by 2.30pm. I then decided to go for a run, perhaps to try out the route i had in mind for a 15km run. With traffic and logistic in mind, i figured out that running in Taman Tun would be a good idea. Instead of running like a hamster in rounds around the park, i decided to run from the park to Damansara Heights and back. I baptise this route as 15km Sperm Loop. It is easy to see why.
I did not wrongly name it, right?
The elevation on this route is more demanding than the 12km Double Hill, you will gain about 500m of elevation in total over the 15km distance. This route makes Double Hill looked like a pancake flat route.
Lung Busting Goodness
So, if you are looking for a 15km loop if you are staying at the Taman Tun Dr. Ismail and Damansara side of town, here is a guide and because i ran with my phone, there are photos instead of map. :)

IMPORTANT TO GET 15KM : Once you arrive at the TTDI park, run a loop of the lower loop. Essentially, it is only a 14km distance unless you finish it off with a 1loop around the park. You can opt to use this last lap as your warm down lap.
Lower Loop around the park's lake is 1.4km
A partial of this route was my Ironman run training route and Damansara Heights hills kick ass. The climb are longer and more demanding. You can have an alternative 5km loop just running the Jalan Beringin like how i did with a group of lawyers a while back.
The main draw of this route is the ease of accessibility without having to drive to Hartamas (to do a reverse Bukit Aman - Hartamas) or to Bukit Aman. With adequate hills, this route can be a king maker (for fitness).
Here are some other random photos i took while running it on Valentine's Day.
Up the longest steepest portion. Huff and Puff!
Behind KLGCC towards TTDI. Yes, i am on Instagram too. Find me at TriStupe
Translate to 89% HRmax with 80% HRave
Slow 7:47 average pace with max of another slow 6:00 pace. GPS distance was 15.5km. Uncalibrated Polar about 15km.  

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