Tuesday, February 14, 2012

20km Bukit Aman - Hartamas Loop

Fresh from running the 12km loop per the Double Hill entry, here is another favorite of runners in Klang Valley. The Bukit Aman - Hartamas Loop is also known as weekend long slow distance (LSD) training that will give a good 20km worth of distance to sweat it out. As per the entry yesterday, if you need the GPS coordinates, please email me at im at tristupe.com to get it. Else, here is a description on how where to run the 20km, turn by turn, as detailed as I can provide.
1. Follow the route to get to Taman Tunku Apartment per the Double Hill entry here (up to Step 5). Go straight on passing the National Tennis Centre on your left and up the small slope towards the main road that leads from Bulatan Segambut.
2. At the T-junction, carefully cross the main road, climb over the metal barrier, walk under the flyover, climb over the metal barrier again, and cross the road towards Arkib Negara (National Archives). Traffic on early morning are typically light, but be careful when crossing it after 9am, as it will start to get heavy. The GPS forces the route to go up to Bulatan Segambut. Just ignore it like how i noted below.
3. After you cross the road, run up the long slope (about 800m) passing the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) on your left hand side. Keep running until you reach a cross-junction with the Jalan Duta Food court on your right.
4. Cross the junction carefully and make your way towards Majlis Wilayah. Run up this slope and down towards another cross junction. Cross it carefully and head up towards Solaris Dutamas. At the next cross junction, turn left.
5. After turning left at the second cross junction, you will find a gated community on your right and the new spanking Kementerian Dalam Negeri on your left. Run along this road until you reach Plaza Damas, passing the new Istana Negara on your left. Warning - Big Climb.
6. Run past Plaza Damas and down the hill. Petronas is a mere 1km away from there. You can stop there for some refuelling (though at this point of time, the station is closed for renovation). You can then take the same way back to Bukit Aman following the same route.
This route allows you to do some sort of benchmarking for your own fitness. Essentially, it is a 10km one way and you can use it to gauge your 10km split timing. Done properly, your speed will increase and so will be your fitness. There is a few other variants to get more distance out of this simple 20km loop which i will share separately soon. Meanwhile, if you have been wondering where is this 20km LSD that everyone is saying, you now know and can run this route safely.
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