Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Changing Of Voting Address Part 2

I posted on February 22 that i had issue with changing of my voting address to Selangor from Kuala Lumpur. True to my expectation that the government agency will work on 5-working days turnaround, i received a reply from them on the morning of Feb 28, 2012.
It seems that i am now back to be a valid voter, according to the email. I can also now change my address, again, in the Post Office.
Thank You Yusniati and SPR!
So, during lunchtime on Feb 28, 2012, i went to the Section 14, Petaling Jaya Post Office again to change my voting address.
Handsome boy
I came out disappointed, again. I am again, despite what SPR said to be SAH (Valid)...i am still Belum Di-Sah (Not Valid).
Familiar screen eh?
So, i came back and emailed SPR again. This is my 3rd time emailing them on something this simple i.e. to change my voting address. If this fail again, i shall start emailing all the email trails and request to higher party, thanks to OP Afdal's sharing of email addresses of Civil Servants at higher places - and that includes the Election Commission boss. Until then, i will give them the benefit of doubt that they have not "updated" the system as yet - though they claimed that the electoral rolls are ready.
As usual, Lets give them the KPI to reply within 5-working days.
ps - the website do not accept symbols such as / or - to be included into the communication. I had to re-edit after i screen capture the above to send it out.
Is our system so complicated that a simple address change requires so much usage of manpower (mine and theirs) and this reduces productivity?

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