Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lamborghini Aventador In Malaysia

Coming back from lunch yesterday, me and my colleagues saw a spanking orange-red car parked at the Valet parking of Jaya 33. While it is usual to see the few exotic makes outside the office with even more exotic number plate such as the one spotted yesterday on a Lexus.
as seen on my instagram
So when a less than usual car, or to be more accurately classified - sports coupe was parked outside the building, it drew my attention to check it out.
Limited to maybe 4000 in the world as each carbon fibre monoque mold could produce only 500, and it was said that only 8 of these molds were made. As a comparison, the previous flagship model, the MurciĆ©lagos had 4099 made. Numbers or quantity aside, the car started production in Feb 2011 and was said the factory is already overbooked for the next 12 months, with the first production car available only mid 2011, the owner of this spanking new LP700-4 (as it is otherwise known) must be a very rich Malaysian business person with a lot of extra cash to spare.
6.5liters V-12 : 700horses. Not registered yet. 
Thanks to Kanthaa, i was told that this coupe is the latest and perhaps, the only one currently in Malaysia. This has not been seen on the road yet. Named Aventador as a tribute to the legendary trophy-winning bull in the world of bullfighting in Spain (however, no notation if the Bull survived or the Matador won). 
This beast is rated with 700horses under those Plexiglas bonnet and perhaps grunt like a horny teenager idle and scream like a banshee when all ports are opened. Definitely a joy to listen to. Too bad I am not privileged enough to hear it roar.
And those wannabe super sports car want to boast about having 200hp or 500hp even?
Capable to go from 0-100km/h in a mere 2.9seconds (driver skills dependant), that is way faster than me digging my nose (TSB-style, RIP bro) in the Malaysian traffic. I believe the joy of digging the nose for a full 3seconds would not be able to beat the exhilaration of the coupe going to that speed in that amount of time. I might even pee in my pants. I hope the leather seat are treated with sufficient waterproof material in case i ever get a chance to sit in them.
Better be baby soft when sit man...
With a recommended retail price of GBP225,000 or about RM1.2million before duty, excise and taxes (30% Import Duty, 105% Excise Tax and 10% Sales Tax). Working on that logic, the car will be roughly RM1.66million, not inclusive of road tax and insurance.
Online calculator here
Well, if i am well off and has those extra cash around, the price doesn't seems to be too high after all. Put in the insurance, road tax, freight charges to ship this coupe in, you will still have some loose change with RM2Million. We all know there are many Malaysians with those money, cash, ready.
Four Exhausts. YOu need a large orange if you want to block them off. Just saying.
So, why would someone wants something like this, apart from telling others that "I can afford this, can you?"
1. To start with (at the risk of overgeneralising all rich people, apologies in advance), yes, it is to say "I can afford this, can you?"
2. Then, i believe whoever that bought this knows his/her cars. He/she have passion for all things fast and exotic where owning a Thoroughbred horse is like having a pet dog at home - why have ONE horse when you can have 700horses that only drinks fossil fuel and not poop?
3. But i believe, the real reason for anyone wanting to own this piece of really because they can. This will be a conversation starter in any home - works better than that piece of wood carving or stone sculpture they paid heftily in that corner shop in Bangsar (which by the way, closed, maybe the owner bought this car instead!)
Holy Moses! Lamborghini Aventador in Pearl Effect Avancio Argos color.  Just pay a bit extra lah. What is another RM40K if you already paid RM1.6Million?
Rated with a top speed of 350km/h, it is unmistakeably useless in Malaysian traffic but more relevant in tracks or if you can get (or pay) the police for escort to clear the road for you to really test the 350km/h top speed out. Then again, if you are that rich, you will ship this car to Germany to drive on the Autobahn - i read there are people that ship their cars overseas to drive it - sort of like a (lame) achievement; not very much different from my Ironman title. Well, if you are driving something that is inspired by the F22 Raptor Stealth Fighter, you have every right of way to blast down the highway. After all, the safety features in the coupe is said to be two generation ahead of any cars sold by Lamborghini with a carbon fiber monoque body and F1-style suspension system. I bet even F22 do not have that.
Credit to Joe McNally. Photos available here
Here is the video of the LP700-4 Unveiling at the Geneva Car Show in Feb 2011. My photos above did no justice to the coupe.
My knowledge of cars is limited to what i drive. No way in this lifetime i would be able to own this one - or silly enough to part a big chunk of dough on this. The blog entry above is based on some research using uncle Google. However, i am still in awe of the 700horses under the hood inside the 6.5liter V-12 engine - as this Bull will surely has no where to go in Malaysia traffic jam. So, if you see this Avancio Argos Lamborghini Aventador running down the road next to you - you know it is not just any Lamborghini, but the best possible latest one.
Update Feb 23, 2012
The chap in this following video is having an orgasm while driving the coupe from 0-310km/h. Awesome.


  1. 1.66M is for the duty and taxes alone.
    you'll be chase out if you walk into the show room with 2M

  2. Putting such a number plate, is one cheapskate way to exempt from expensive road tax and insurance. This remind me that the owner will sell it off VERY soon with so-called unregistered car.

    If he can afford the car, he should get a proper number plate.

    Is the owner really SUPER rich? I dont think so!

  3. 2013 Aventador coupe at Malaysia on the road bout 2.8M-3.2M. Well, it depends on how much the dealer mark up profit price on how many % after duty and tax. Price range without insurance and road tax is 2.3M-2.8M.Surprisingly, F12 Belinetta is more expensive than Aventador, even though MSRP price is lower.If Malaysia have more dealer direct import from these Lamborghini and Ferrari company, you will see the price range on the road about below 2.5M.