Friday, February 10, 2012

Petronas Photography Contest

I posted about the Petronas TVC for Chinese New Year recently and mentioned that there is a photography contest. Together with the launching of the Chinese New Year Campaign is a Photography Contest themed "Reimaging Energy", in collaboration with Leica Camera AG. With prizes ranging from RM288 to RM2,000, the contest has attracted close to 2,000 entrants to submit their creative photos or even interpreting the theme of the photo contest in their own best possible photographs. 
The contest is open for all Malaysians and you may submit as many photographs as you like taken using mobile, point and shoot, and dSLR. The closing date is February 12, 2012. 
More details could be obtained at the Facebook Apps page where the rules, regulation and submission for the photographs will be done.
They say there is no bigger pleasure apart from winning the prizes from any photography contest than to have the winning photo being exhibited for public viewing. So, if you are just a casual photographer or someone that does it for hobby, even if you are a full time photographer, this is an opportunity to showcase our talent and win some money.
I have submitted my entry on my understanding of the theme and it shows a dragon, guarding the entrance of a temple. Remember to VOTE for me (if my photo/s is/are deserving!). Look out for the photo below in the Gallery!

My photo are driven by the mythical Chinese Dragon which guards the entrance of a temple in Gombak. Casted as a concrete pillar, i find it aptly representing the energy that the dragon brings - supporting the foundation of the temple and at the same time acting as the guardian to the temple.  The photo was taken with my Nikon D90 and 50mm lens. The last i checked, the photo received only 5 likes. But that is already 5 votes too many ;-) Thank you for voting!
If you have not joined the competition, hurry up! Closing date is Feb 12, 2012!

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