Thursday, February 09, 2012

Malaysia Airline Flash Mob

There has been some buzz over the social media that a flash mob actually took place in KLIA arrival hall that has prompted almost 850,000 views since it was posted on January 14. I was curious about it as to what the flash mob was about. Thinking it was some usual "planned" and "unexpected" everyone get together then do something silly and then disperse...I was wrong. This flash mob took almost 10 minutes!
And if you were to think it's the usual ONE off flash mob, this one actually was done as a few flash mobs at a few places around the arrival hall and it sure caught those arriving from their trip by big surprise! They managed to pull it off, though choreographed in an almost flawless manner in a string of what seems to be a continuous chain of event.
To add color to the whole event, there was a medley of songs being sung representing the four major languages that is used in our country Malaysia. Expect retro songs such as My Boyfriend's Back, Janet Jackson's Miss You Much, M Nasir's Istana Menanti and even a Hindi song!
The breaking out of songs in an “impromptu” manner is refreshing as the crew looked very well-rehearsed for a life performance. Now, it will make you wonder if the flight crews (pilots included) will one day break out in songs 30,000 feet in the sky over some oceans to surprise the passengers.
I can almost see that happening.
Meanwhile, enjoy the Official video that has received close to 850,000 view to date.

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