Thursday, February 02, 2012

Running The Sahara

"Expedition is difficult, there is no answers, that's the whole thing that you have to wait and see what happen next, that's why its exciting.
If you do not want excitement, go run a marathon. You know, you can get water at every station, you can take a shower and sleep at night, but that's not you.
You can do this.
You don't want to quit"
The team convincing Kevin to continue despite the uncertainties of being allowed to run past Libya into Egypt.
Day59, about 3,500km distance. At Tenere Desert, Niger. Minute 37 of Running The Sahara.

I was watching Running the Sahara
3 men - 2 Caucasian and 1 Asian. These men decided to run from Senegal to Egypt and ending at the Red Sea; passing through Mauritania, Mali (yes, TIMBAKTU), Niger and Libya. Initial plan was to run into Chad and Sudan to Egypt but was hindered by the war happening. Libya was a difficult decision as Muamar Gaddafi government did not allow them to run into the country despite intervention from the United Nation.
The journey will take 90 days running 6500km.
Yes. 6500km.
This docu-adventure is emotionally inspirational and present the spirit of human mind going over their limits.
I am only 40 minutes into the 1:30 show but i was already overwhelmed by the sheer determination. The above quote on NOT QUITTING, hits home.
Remember, these men RAN 6500km in 90days, that is what will take me 7 years assuming I run an average of 1000km/year.

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  1. i have only clocked +/-100km on my garmin over the last 9 months, it will take me an entire life time to run 6,500km