Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tagged By Nathan Veldhoen

It been a while since i played the Tagged things. I was recently tagged by a fellow triathlete from Canada. Say Hello to Nathan.
Furthermore, i noticed i have not posted anything incoherent recently, with most post centred on healthy living and more healthy boring stuff. This is a refreshing change i would say.
As i don't intend to tag anyone after this, i will just stick to answering the request. :) Maybe this is one way to know me better - all of you that read/stalk my blog. :) Enjoy.
11 Random Things About Me
1. I grew up fat and my breakfast was a cup of Nespray milk and three slices of white bread laden with Planta Margerine. I have to finish it before the school bus come or my mum will make the bus wait.
2.  Because i grew up fat, i have a permanent line across my tummy. I wish that was a 6-pack line instead.
3. I seen spirit before. Once. Floating down the river behind my home in Taman Permata.
4. I struggle with my hair - they are straight and lifeless. Now, they are messed up by a barber, just two days ago.
5. I was not athletic growing up. I was only good for strength sports. Or the anchor man in Tug-o-War.
6. I drive a soccer mum car known as Hyundai Matrix. It doesn't suit my persona.
7. I remembered my life as young as 5 years old. It was confusing.
8. I am a sentimental person. But i rarely shows it.
9. I love Elvis Presley.
10. I was molested by a man (on the thigh), he was lucky i did not break his fingers.
11.I had depression last year. Crawled out of it. Never felt better.
Nathan then wanted me to reply to 11 questions set by him. :)
Here they are (Answers in BOLD)
1. Favorite running race? Got to be my first 42km. Race report (minus the photos) here
2. What’s your favorite Niel Diamond song? NEIL WHO?
3. Whos the first person people you text after a race? My wife.
4. Who makes your favorite race day underwear? I race commando.
5. What’s your second favorite Niel Diamond song? hahahahahaah!
6. Flip flops or sandals? Teva.
7. Favorite vacation spot? Used to be Langkawi for three years until they scrape Ironman Malaysia from there.
8. Favorite Sports athlete? Too many.But i have great admiration for Dorian Yates (Bodybuilder)
9. If you had to get a tattoo what would it be? I have one. It is how i wanted it to be.
10. Swim, bike or Run? Swim, Bike AND Run. In that specific order for race day.  ;-)
11. Favorite day of the week? Tri-day.

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