Saturday, February 18, 2012

Running Beyond 20km Loop

Now that you all have read about the 12km Double Hill and the 20km Bukit Aman - Hartamas loop, those at the advance stage, or moving towards the advance stage might want to consider route that will give them mileage. The option could not be simpler if you choose to do two times Double Hill for a good 24km workout or 2 loops of Bukit Aman - Hartamas loop for an almost marathon 40km.
There is a few option for a 2km loop and a 3km loop which will help add on to the 20km loop you will be doing from Bukit Aman to Hartamas.
The first one would be the 3km loop that will bring you around the area of Matrade and Solaris Dutamas. When coming up from National Archive and reaching the cross junction as in Step 4, turn right and run along the main road passing Matrade until you reach a T-Junction. Turn left at the T-junction and go straight up towards Solaris Dutamas/Publika. The road will be curve left and you will run downhill from there. If you need to refill at this point of time, there is a Mamak that has water or isotonic. You won't miss it as it is along the road on your left side. Run down towards the cross junction and you can turn right into Step 5 of the 20km run. This additional will not give you a full 3km, but about 2km worth of good hill workout. Option is doing loop on this 3km route to build up on your distance, if you need to.
Another good additional will be a short 2km loop after you reached Petronas in Hartamas. This route has a fair bit of climbing (up to 600m) and work up a good sweat too.
Run past Petronas and you will see a field on your left hand side. There is a junction on your left and run up that junction. Going straight will lead you to a dead-end. There is a small bump that you will power up and you will be rewarded with about 200m of downhill before hitting a flat of 50m and the climb will starts again. Just run following that road and it will eventually leads you to a junction along the main Hartamas road, coming from Plaza Damas on your right, or back towards Petronas on your left.
This short 1.2km route can be an alternative for a short interval workout towards the end of your 20km, or used as a warm up if you run in reverse order.
Which ever way you take, it is just extra distance that you will want to cover.
Armed with these local knowledge, you will be better equipped (route wise) on where to run 12km, 15km, 20km and beyond 20km (this blog entry)
I have a 35km route in mind - and that will involve running from TTDI park to Bukit Aman. It already sounded tempting and it shalt be explored one fine day.
Run safe and run in pairs at least if the distance is beyond 12km. It is for both safety and company.
Should any of you want or need more information, please drop me a comment and i will try to accommodate (with answers) as much as possible.


  1. Hi TriStupe, can i have the GPS coordinate for the 12km,15km and 20km route. What software that you are using to marking down all the route that you run? Thanks:)

  2. Hi Anon,

    Yes can if you share your email with me. Else i cant send.

    I am using Easy Trail 4. It export to Garmin's Mapsource.

  3. Hi TriStupe, I am chan and following your blog for few years time. Nice to read and a lot of information. Well done and thanks for your reply :)