Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Changing Of Voting Address

I have requested to change my voting address from Ulu Kelang to Damansara Utama in 2011. Luckily i saved the form which i applied for the change at the post office in One Utama (as proof that i did requested for the change)

So, when i still don't see my address/voting constituency changed after almost 6 months, i decided to check with them.
No changes on the area of voting. I been voting here for the past THREE General Elections since i turned legal age (1999, 2004, 2008).
Then, i scroll down and saw that my application was rejected due to protest from the constituency i request to be moved into.
I queried them on the email/contact list and received an email about a week later, stating that they was no record of my application to change the address. (???) For your info, I have changed my address since moving to Petaling Jaya and has been staying here for the past six years.
So i gave them the benefit of doubts, that the Post Office clerk did not change my address or submit the form officially since 2010 August 2011 (but it is computerised, by the way) and made a second attempt to change my voting address to Damansara Utama again, at the Section 14 Post Office.
A short wait (they have grown very efficient nowadays - WELL DONE!) and i presented my IC to them for verification.
"Cik baru mendaftar ke?", the clerk asked (me if i just registered as a voter)
"Takdelah, dah tiga kali mengundi", i told the clerk (that i have voted three times)
"Tapi sini kata masih belum disahkan", the clerk said (that i am not a verified voter)
No kidding!?
Now, from not able to change my voting address, i am apparently not a verified voter! What is happening? I will now scan all the documents and will send it to SPR to query them on this abnormality. Short of going to SPR in Putrajaya, i am really hoping this could be solved online in this age and time. I find this rather disturbing.
Will i be able to vote in the coming General Election? Will I ever get to change my voting constituency?
My advice is if you are in the same predicament like me, and you want to change your voting address, do so soon and don't always believe what you saw in the SPR website. It is not as simple as filling up a form, but requires follow up every now and then.
What really intrigue me is how i went from being a "VERIFIED" voter to a "NON-VERIFIED" voter!
With General Election coming, best to ensure your rights as a citizen eligible to vote, remains as such. Looked like a simple "i want to change my voting area" has become "please verify me as a voter, again"!!!
Update Feb 22, 2012 10.58am
I sent an email and also an online query to SPR separately to ask them to check on this abnormality. With the increased efficiency by the government agencies, i am sure i will get a reply in within the next 5 working days. I will await the reply and will post it up here again. Stay tuned.


  1. Hmm me and hubby better get to it, we need to change to vote here in jb instead of klang ...Thanks for sharing!!

  2. For me it was easy changing from Sabah to Johor then to Putrajaya. It was all easy peasy... Not sure about your hassle though...

    But it does raise more questions my friend, and to make the replier life miserable please CC the email to its Chairman, Secretary and of course KSN. I may get flak for this, but that's the only way these days.

    Good luck sir.

  3. Kak June - after the coming GE lah Kak June. You might kena like me, then possibly can't vote.

    SirMudas - tuan, can email me the contact? My communication is transparent and i believe it should be so. I hope the system is the one f-king up, not the people involved with the system.

    I find it disturbing that my trend of voting (for certain parties) could be recorded and thus, prevented me from changing constituency! If that is true, whatever happened to...UNDI ITU RAHSIA?


    His PA:

    Chairman's PA:
    (His email is not available)

    Biro Pengaduan Awam; they're quite efficient on complaints:

    Their DG: Dato' Tam Weng Wah

    To squeeze some lemon on the wound please feel free to email to errrr... you know other alternative media.

    Last but not the least:
    Boss of all bosses

    Good luck sir!

  5. The best to give complaints is channelling them to the right people, if not you'll get the run around bro. But that takes years of practice even certain public officials do not know who should answer the grievances.

    Like now I'm in Korea, just complained to their Student Affairs, and was not entertained, sama ada aku ni takde nama George, Harry, or Jack maybe diorang tak layan... but they messed with the wrong Malaysian then... my complaint was taken care of now.

  6. Tuan - many thanks. I shall give them 5 days to reply, failing which, the emails will be forwarded to the names and emails you given me.

    I don't think it is too much for me to demand my right as a citizen - especially when it comes to voting.

    I think we all as Malaysians are too often too accomodating. We allow ourselves to be bullied - and told what to do. I have my fair share in that.

    I would rather someone tell me NO than someone going out to please me with answers i want to hear.

    God Bless You tuan! Will keep you updated!