Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank You PDRM!

My dad called me late Saturday afternoon about 6.15pm to tell me he had trouble with the car (a Kancil by the way) and it sort of stalled in the middle of the road near the Damansara Jaya - Damansara Utama turn off, the spot where road users can U-turn back to NKVE. It was pouring heavily and my first instinct was to tell him to switch on the hazard light, stay away from the car and under the flyover for shelter against the rain. I then rushed out and managed to persuade a mechanic at Uptown to follow me and troubleshoot the car.
As I arrived at the location, i saw two PDRM patrol car pulling away and my mum, dad and cousin (she had school that afternoon) was safely under the flyover.
I was about 30seconds too late and did not had the chance to thank the officers (there were four of them) and they gave two bottles of their drinking water to my dad to be filled up in the radiator. They were drenched in the rain as well, as they tried to help with the car. Kudos PDRM!
Published here
I wrote a few emails to the major English dailies hoping that the appreciation will be posted up. Many thanks The Star, for highlighting this.

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