Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flourless Peanut Butter Pancake

Most pancakes are made from flour and those available in the market are laden with processed food items where it will ensure a year of shelf life and guaranteed results every time you use them. Not forgetting the sugar, salt and other artificial flavoring that will be incorporated into the pancake mix. Our quest to eat healthily brought us to look for an alternative (as we ran out of flour) for a pancake Sunday breakfast. As complicated it may sound (as a flourless pancake does sound impossible, no?), they are actually the simplest you can make using items you can find in your kitchen.
This is the recipe for a flourless pancake that will go well if you are gluten intolerance and if you want to cut down on your carbohydrate intake; or if you ran out of flour, like we did.
2 Tablespoon of Peanut Butter 
2 large eggs
1/4 teaspoon of baking powder/soda
Some oil for cooking (we used olive)
That's it.
Hard to believe? Well, us too, until we gave it a try. First, you need to break the eggs and then mixes the peanut butter and baking soda into the mixture. Mix them well like you are making scrambled eggs. The baking soda will ensure that the pancake turns up fluffy.
The main star. We went with Adams
Lightly cook the pancake in medium heat and turn them over when the top starts to bubble. We cook ours in a small non-stick pan that gives the pancake the shape as well.
Here is how they looked like after it was cooked. Fantastic!
Recipe makes two pancakes of 4 inches by 1 inch size
We decided to be a bit indulgence with it by eating it with some blueberry jam. The sweetness of the jam and the savoury taste of the pancake was a winner.
One might not be enough, but it's portion control in action
The batter was light and because it is made using eggs, it tasted a bit omelette-ty. But the peanut butter turned the whole mixture into a fantastic nutritional light breakfast.A winner definitely.
Want a bite?


  1. very thin line between a scrambled egg and a pancake. :) Try with some almond flour, it came out closer to a pancake, fooled my daughter :)

    i need to try adding peanut butter in my eggs.

  2. Thanks Khoo! It borders being an ommellette but definately worth testing. Will try almond flour. Mana cari?

  3. Look so yummy. Makes me hungry now lol

  4. It looked good and TASTED good. :) Will add in more peanut butter nxt round :)

  5. tried it for my lunch+tea. Superb taste and love it very much. Will definitely put a bit more peanut butter in my future adventure with this recipe.. thanks Stupe.

  6. Thank you Fariz! Glad you enjoyed it! Share it if you think more would love it!