Monday, June 18, 2012

Save Bukit Kiara : Update of Images

I've written about Kiara on three different entry to highlight the plight and condition of Bukit Kiara in the past month. Saying NO to Development, highlighting the two trails that will suffer the most and a gruesome find which i had to sieve the information to protect the whistleblowers. Photos below are shown in the Save Bukit Kiara website and belongs to the cause leader/group. If you have not supported the cause, it is not too late to do so. Put pressure on the authorities and say NO to development at Bukit Kiara!
Destruction in the name of Development and "preservation of the park". Photo from Save Bukit Kiara Causes 
For most of you that has been going to Kiara on weekly basis to experience the trails and for some challenge (workout), you will be seeing the destruction in Kiara being done bit by bit. In fact, that is an understatement; it is being destroyed now as we speak. A bunch of vigilant citizens that frequent Kiara has been recording without fear or favour the condition of Kiara over the weeks. Here are the photos for you to see, and decide if Supporting the CAUSE TO SAVE KIARA IS SOMETHING YOU CAN HELP TO DO!

Tomorrow : Facebook Hour with Dato Raja Nong Chik on Kiara


  1. Wow, the photos are a real eye opener. I hear it is even worse to see in person, but important to go and see for yourself to verify the truth and bare witness to the destruction, not preservation, that JLN's mega-project takes from the public, which is our forest to enjoy, not their assets to destroy.

    How/when to join in on the Nong Chick face book chat?

  2. bukit Gasing's KL side already on the developers hand. Heavy mc already clearing for EXPENSIVE HOMES. OMG.

  3. Anon 1: It is funny how the very people "qualify" to landscape the area goes about destroying it to make it prettier. Soon, all the "forest" we see will be "artificial". His FB hour happens once a week, usually Friday, 5pm.

    Anon 2: Bukit Gasing only has 20 to 30% demarcated as "educational properties". You know i know that the development is just right on the next slope. I ran it once and you hear machineries as you approach KL border.

  4. Enjoyed the train at TTDI with you.. as a Hasher I am disgusted with the lack of care for these beautiful natural areas in KL as soon as something has a value it is flattened and built on.. it's nice to see nature reclaim its ground, like out at Sungai Long.. but even there is being flattened in the name of progress, there'll be a time when a kid asks their mom or dad, "why is Bukit Kiara called Bukit Kiara? Theres no hill there.."

    1. pleasure all mine sir.

      And yes, Just like Singapore, there is no bukit at places like...bukit batok...