Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Save Bukit Kiara : Facebook Hour with Dato' Raja Nong Chik

Facebook is a good avenue for social activism if done correctly. while writing the article on the update of Bukit Kiara posted yesterday, Dato Raja Nong Chik, the Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Well-being conducted his FB hour on June 15 between 5pm to 6pm, i took the opportunity to highlight the issue of Bukit Kiara to him.
My query to him with specific link to the entry on Kiara and how I felt that we all have been hoodwinked.
As expected, he responded, promising to bring this up to the Cabinet.
His response was a bit vague as it points to the  "Kementerian Perumahan" to do a more responsible job to protect the green environment, which got me thinking if he actually knew about the destruction and (hence) to get the "contractor appointed by the housing ministry to be more responsible". I then offered to take him (in his busy schedule, if possible) to experience Kiara.
I was tagged in a friend's photo. Apparently Raja Nong Chik replied to a paper complain. It was heartbreaking. Public are asked to deal with JLN, the very same people destroying Kiara.
We can only hope that these words will not fall onto deaf ears. Let's all see where it will lead to. Awareness and pressure has to come cohesively and most importantly, in a manner acceptable by all. I am just a small individual in the whole setup to fight to Save Bukit Kiara. You too, can do your part and help with the online petition here.
If the above does not aspire you to do so, please find an array of photos below, documenting what is happening to Kiara as of today. Photo is courtesy of a "Concerned Bukit Kiara Lover", that has been documenting these destructions from the very begining. With his permission, i am posting up these pics and watermarked as my blog to track the sharing, if any.
The destruction is immense, and unless more pressure and tougher actions are taken, Kiara, just like Bukit Gasing, will be "sold" to those that can afford it. By then, the Rich and Famous will perhaps, have their own "Save Bukit Kiara", as by then, they will be hoping that the Hill will not crumble down onto their Million Ringgit Home. Mother Nature will fight back, it is just a matter of time.
2nd lower plateau from lookout with erosion gully forming on slope
At the lookout.The fence with a view to Kiara view and the rest of Hartamas
Cut and Paste to make the "Gate"
"The Gate" At Pure Quill
Final cut - the "Gate at Pure Quill"
Downward leading to Wasteland (07 landslide) and Boulder
Erosion Gully at lower lookout by fence grown larger and deeper
Erosion has exposed the entire  concrete base of the fence post at lookout

Excess unnecessary space cleared to install fence

Fence leading to Equestrian Park twin water towers
Another view of the fence leading to Equestrian Park twin water towers
Super Bungalows? Hot Properties? Green "Kiara" View? Crash and Burn?
Kiara side of fence has been turfed recently
KiaraMas from Lookout Point
Mondo Cool Trail Runs up from edge of trees to the 2nd peak
Once a clear river. Now, muddied due to desiltation

New road going above and parallel to IUD... Horse tracks evident on soil

New surprise road above IUD. More trails cut away for new "unplanned" road per Master plan?

Pencala NE tunnel view of  Kampung (Boner)

Slope erosion near gully extends and has exposed concrete foundation completely

Storm drain from Upper short discharges directly into unprotected slope... Erosion risk and silting of  Ulu Pencala streams below

Trail trained road at waterbody intersect  Bar-A-Kuda

Trail turned road at intersection of water body area- toward fence. Soon, we have waterfall

View from NE portal at lookout up and left and the Kiara development below

View from Pencala Tunnel towards Kiara

Workers Kongsi or Settlement already sprouting. Will not be long before more clearing done to accommodate more families and even building of illegal settlements. I was told in the comments below that the workers were not illegal and they are nice people, hence, i am deleting the above statement. However, caution needs to be taken, as while the intention is always sincere, we just have to wait a while before things goes out of control. The settlement, legal for now, has the potential of growing bigger. Point noted on the FoBK comment below.


  1. ok, now my blood boiling, lets all runners, mountain bikers unite.... get the silly govt to pull down those houses...

  2. P5 - Sadness. The runners, bikers, hashers are fighting it in their own way. We all can really start by keeping the place clean!

    As for those houses, if the Goivernment don't do it, Mother Nature will. If not next year, it will be within the next 10 years.

  3. Hi Stupe,

    In reference to the last photo,I just want to clarify that the workers are actually there to facilitate development of the construction site so I do not think they are illegal. They are rather nice people actually. Offering to share lunch with us with what little they have and wild durian from the forest.

    They only use what they need sustainably and help keep Kiara clean like us few.

    Have often gotten useful advice on bee sting treatment and trail knowledge too.

    The housing development is on Tanah Rezab Melayu so I suppose its legal now.

    Inside the fence though, there are no more squatters, just very few dilapidated shacks already abandoned.

    I just wanted to point out that the workers are not really the problem.

    But more importantly thanks for sharing the pics. It is great to know there are people walking the talk and sharing the awareness.

    Friend of Kiara

  4. FoBK - Point taken. I have not had contacts with them. I believe they are nice people too. Post comment above has been updated. Afterall, we agree that these workers seeking honest living aren't the problem, it's the greedy developers and also the authorities flip-flopping that is a bigger issue.