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Renault Clio R.S. Ange et Demon Limited Edition in Malaysia

"Ange et Demon" - it wasn't my attempt to start learning anything close to foreign language. But put that name onto a Big Boy Toy in a form of a small super mini named Clio and place a R.S. at the end of the name, you get a Devil In Disguise. A car your future father-in-law would approve and a car that will get your future mother-in-law wanting _____ (you fill in the blank)
All dressed up. Can we strip her, like now?
In a rather low key launch to introduce the Angel and Demon version of the Clio R.S. Limited Edition, The sole distributor and franchise holder for Renault cars in Malaysia – TC Euro Cars Sdn. Bhd. played host to the launch of this Clio Renault Sport (which was what R.S. stands for). Clio R.S. was introduced since 1999 and the current offering is also known as Clio III R.S. 200 Cup. Without going too deep into the whole history of the Clio R.S. and why the "200 Cup", suffice to say that this super mini car has its rich history in a One-make racing series created and managed by Renault Sport. 
R.S. is Renault Sport. Not Racing Sports. Not Racing Special.
With only 666 units being produced, the number live up to the innuendo of being a Devil. TC Euro Cars received just SIX unit of the Limited Edition and has proudly exhibit the 574 Edition for the lucky few that was invited to view the launch.
You Want It. 574 in Chinese also sounded like "Won't Die" or Mmm - Chat - Sei (chat is actually a profanity ;-))
With 203hp under the hood powered by a 2.0 liter engine, it spew out 215Nm worth of blood sapping torque. Comparatively to other 2.0 Naturally Aspired engine, the numbers on paper looked impressive. As comparison, the typical Japanese (chosen due to popularity with Malaysians) will provide about 140hp with about 190Nm torque. With a lightweight compact body, the weight to power ratio of about 165hp/tonne. That is powerful enough to escape the clutches of any divine power.
Can I Have One, Please?
Being Limited and powerful, this #574 (and the rest of the 665) comes with stiffer suspension and lower ride giving it a very menacing stance. While this machine can zip from 0-100 in less time that you can spell "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (even if given the spelling), the 4-pot calipers Brembo brakes will ensure the machine comes to a halt from 100-0 in less time you need to spell "banana".
Sticky Metal
The #574 came with original matte grey paint (known as Matte Hologram Grey) finish and was set apart from the other wannabe with a gloss black finish for the roof and upper tailgate. Addition of the rear spoiler and rear diffuser gives it a "bad-boy don't mess with me look". Upfront the F1-style blade were presence in the front bumper and comes with a larger protruding tailpipe.

If Grey does not fancy you, the Limited Edition comes in solid white. All of them, however, were shod in Black 17-inch Speedline alloy wheels. My personal favorite exterior feature got to be the subtle yet aggressive looking vent hole at the front wheel arch. It spells "trouble".
Vents to Oblivion?
Suck Me In
Full leather wrapped Recaro seats is standard with this machine and to complete the racer boy feel, metal gearshift lever and pedals completes the look. With rather simplistic looking interior, this machine lives up to the KISS (Keep It Simple, Sexy) principle. With every other car maker giving the "paddle shifter" as an option, the Clio RS sticks to the proven stick-only approach. Very Man.
Leather wrapped steering wheel with red marker - racerboy-like
KISS meter cluster
I wish my car has one of these. ONE will do.
I was told that the highlight of the interior is the Renault Sports’ on-board telemetry system – the R.S. Monitor where the system is able to display lap times, acceleration times, a g(force)-meter and other vital real-time engine performance figures. This was previously only available in the Megane RS 250 Cup. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to view it. Luckily, with the divine help of YouTube, here is a video of RS Monitor in action.

Here is a few more photos to pique your interest further.

There are only SIX of these Beast available in Malaysia. The Renault Clio R.S. Ange et Demon Limited Edition has a price tag of  RM199,426.80 (not including insurance). If you have the extra cash to flaunt, this is the better way that the other more predictable Euro makes. Now, to coax TC Euro Cars for a "test drive" or "track day". I promise to be Angelic with the Demon.

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