Saturday, June 23, 2012

3rd Marathon in 64 Days : SCKLM

After running Bali Marathon on April 22 and Borneo Marathon on May 5, the finale of this year's 3 Marathon in 64 Days will happen this Sunday at Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon or fondly known as SCKLM. This will be a short post and we wish all of you taking part - be it the short 5km run or the full monty 42km all the best of luck.
Taken from my Instagram here
It has been a very rewarding journey for myself and wifey and it marks my 13th Marathon and wifey's 5th. if that is not impressive enough, wifey's 5th was done within the period of 1 year. That meant she averaged out to run a marathon every 2 months; a big feat considering that she has never thought she will run one, let alone 5 within this period of time.
If you see us on the road this Sunday, call out to us, I will be carrying my camera and phone and there will be cam-whoring session. :)
All The Best!

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