Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Save Bukit Kiara : JLN Destruction Update

An Anonymous person has highlighted in my last post on Bukit Kiara as being "subjective". He has a point as "development" in this case was really subjective; as the land OUTSIDE of the fence does belongs to private owner that can do whatever that they want with it. I agree.  I am also said to be using my fear as facts, which again, i agree, as perhaps, my opinion is biased towards this cause. Thank you for making me realise these points.
Thank you. It is indeed good to know from a different POV.
As with everything, there is a price to be paid for these "exclusivity. In this case, the exclusivity came as the development of Bukit Kiara. Over the past week, many publicity has been shared online and one of them involved Scott Robert, the current President of TRAKS with an interview in BFM. The Podcast can he heard here.
Most of you would remember the previous article that i posted on the Gruesome Find entry. The title was meant to attract attention and it successfully did. With close to 2000 page hit on that alone, i am glad that it had reached out that many people on what is happening in Bukit Kiara. Along the same line, some of you will remember i posted the MAP of Bukit Kiara Trail and how i removed it later to protect the whistle blowers...and today, in TRAKS, the same map has been shown, and i take it that it can be shared with all of you readers. So, please, look at this map below, and notice that Jabatan Lanskap Negara (JLN) WILL premix (i.e. tar) all the trails in Bukit Kiara. It is like WTF moment. The map below is what you can see in TRAKS here
Click for Larger Map. Image taken here.
To refresh the write up to explain the map, this was what i posted.
Tie the explanation in this screencapture with the map above.
Those that know me will know I will not take the fight sitting down. My actions are better than many other's apathy. If the "fear" I created moves the power to be to look, see and decide if Bukit Kiara is worth saving, then, I would say the "fight" has been worth it. 
It is far from over, it has just started. Here is an article highlighting the "open letter" from Malaysia Nature Soceity (MNS) to JLN on Bukit Kiara. Read to believe. To date, there wasn't any reply from anyone. Go figure.
I seriously do not think that MNS, FoBK, TRAKS and many others contributing are harbouring on "fear of development" just to Save Bukit Kiara. I believe, there are more than what we read here and what is being reported in paper. That, my friend, is for you to make the informed call after being aware of what is happening. 
None of us are as blind as those that do not want to see. 
None of us are as deaf as those that do not want to hear.
Now, see this below. These below are what is happening in Kiara, that you might want to see, and judge for yourself. Do not let my fear cloud your judgement.

This is how Jabatan Landscape Negara sees Bukit Kiara, as and urban Disneyland park:
In red: existing roads (premix)
In green: proposed new roads (premix)
In orange: proposed new jogging track
In yellow: areas of destruction
Click for larger view. Filesize is 3mb
From the above, you can say bye bye to:
  1. Pure Quill – bisected by fence twice
  2. Plan A – plowed, bisected by fence twice, with main car gate here
  3. IUD – plowed under dirt and new road
  4. Bar a Kuda – Start plowed by 11m wide new road.
  5. Upper Short / Lookout Point – upgraded to wide road
  6. Dirty deeds – nearly tangent to Upper Short highway
  7. TNT – Cut at the bottom by haulage road
  8. Magic Carpet – bisected by fence, twice. Reroute to be cut be new road
  9. The Office – doomed by 200 carparks, several govt offices, plant greenhouses, plant sales shops, tram & buggy terminal, connecting (cement?) walkway, shed for quad bikes and site offices.
  10. Overtime – looks like buildings proposed there, plus a connecting (cement?) walkway
  11. Park Connector – fine as it is, but likely 'upgraded' to two lane cement buggy route.
  12. Shriner’s Convention – to be paved with cement
  13. Down hill course – crossing new road 4 or 5 times
  14. Lungbuster – to be paved with cement
  15. Coronary Bypass – “jurt cut the hill” says JLN
  16. Upper Carnival - To be paved with cement
  17. Rock Garden – tangent or crossed by road 2 or 3 times.
  18. Chunder Jct – to be paved with cement
  19. TNT – cut be haulage road above and parallel 3 versions of pure quill
  20. Lookout – outside fence, no more looking
  21. Around the Mountain - paved road on top of it
  22. Flintstone's Playground – paved road to zipzag across it
  23. Janies – paved from ridge down, then fenced
  24. Boner – death by inaccessibity due to fence
  25. Clenched Sphincter - death by inaccessibity due to fence
  26. Pondok-to-Pondok - death by inaccessibity due to fence
  27. Penchala Baru – death by inaccessibity due to fence
  28. Penchala Lama – death by inaccessibity due to fence
  29. Lightening Ridge – death by inaccessibity due to fence
  30. Thunder Valley – death by inaccessibity due to fence
  31. Rock Garden – joins with cement walking path, upper and lower
  32. 2K – south side to get paved road
  33. 4K – south side to get paved road
  34. Magic Carpet – new reroute to be cut by new paved road
  35. The Mission – paved road on top of it
  36. Twin Peaks – to be paved all the way to the summit
  37. Snakes and Ladders – starts at a road, ends at a road.
But cheer up you can still bike and hike on these trails as they are today, unless there are more surprised and unplanned roads plowed by JLN.  Then you just take the tarmac to the next trail you want to ride. The carefully designed network will be chopped into disconnected bits: Apollo, Inner Loop, Rush hour, Clean up, Lower Short, Sungai, Wasteland, Lower Carnival.
While we’re at it, why not adding some nice chairlifts or golf carts to climb up Twin Peaks?  
JLN mentioned in the 15 May presentation a “tram & buggy terminal” near The Office, so why not chairlifts and golf carts and quad bikes, which are not housed in the 3rd shed by the middle guardhouse.
There is definately no way i can Save Bukit Kiara myself. But with your help and pledges, the dilemma can be heard, people can be made aware, collateral can be reduced. Don't just "talk about it", do something.

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  1. The BFM interview is a good move, but BFM is still a niche radio station with a relatively small audience, the cause is not reached to the masses.

    Media Prima stations prob wont highlight this, and concentrate on stupid jokes on air instead.

    So whats the next step now? what can we do?

    I still think we need a mega big ass demo with all the NGOs and associations fighting for this ...

    raja Nong chik also senyap saja...