Thursday, June 21, 2012

Magicshine MJ816 Flying Carpet LED Lights Review

MJ808 has been reviewed previously and if you think that the 808 is impressive, the 816 will literally let you see everything around you. I nickname this light "Mickey Mouse" due to the shape of the light but the official name for this is known as "Flying Carpet".
The MagicShine SSC-P7 + 2*XP-E 16W 3-Mode 1400-Lumen LED Bike Light Set 
is a unique 3-LED setup where the main beam (powered by the SSC-P7 LED) and the two side beam (powered by 2 XP-E LED) works independently or together. If the MJ808 could illuminate as bright (maybe brighter) than a pair of car headlamp, MJ816 will blind incoming truck. It will make those HID-kitted car looked halogen. Rated at 1400lumens and can run for 3-hours (main beam only) or up to 200hours running on lowest power of the two side beam, it will provide enough juice to last one session of darkness run/biking. Practically, i would rate the usage of the two side beam at 50% brightness to up up to 6hours of usage time. Running the lights at minimum brightness is like driving a 5-liter cars at 20km/h.
MJ816 Flying Carpet
This light comes in a box that include the lamp unit, a rechargeable battery pack (consist of 4x18650 batteries, but WITHOUT LCD display, a charger (with US plug) and 2 O-rings for mounting purposes. This is how the set up looked like on my MTB and my Helmet.
Handlebar mount
On Helmet
This is the product video done by one of the owner of the light. Credit to Dmeech. The video itself tells pretty much how this light will light up the night.
This is my video of me using it. You can see how it illuminated the area.
Again, the video did not do justice to the light. Must make a mental reminder NOT to use the camera for video purposes. Here are some still images for comparison.
Dark Alley again.
2xCREE Side light activated. Immediate 10m lighted up
Main Beam activated. Throw can be seen as far as the end of the other house. Approx throw is 2x70feet with 10feet of back alley = 150feet or 50m.
All three lights litted. Almost Daylight at the alley!
Again, the above were lights mounted on the helmet at 1.75cm, which will give a better/further spread. Here it is, stimulating the same condition as on a bicycle handle bar.
Main Beam
Side beams
All three beams!
This are the specs of MJ816

◆Light source: Main Beam is P7-C-SXO from Seoul Semiconductor (SSC). Side Beam are two CREE XP-E.
◆Luminous flux:1400LM
◆LED lifespan:above 50,000 hours
◆Shell material:6061-T6 Aluminum alloy
◆Surface treatment:Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish (HAIII)
◆Switch:tail touch switch
◆Working modes:P7-C-SXO Light up, XP-E Light up, Both Light up. Able to adjust variable degree of brightness in each mode (Press and hold button for 1.5seconds)
◆Battery:4×18650 Li-ion battery ( 8.4V 4.4AH)
◆Battery life:500 times cycle
◆Charging time:3-3.5hours
◆Waterproof grade:IP64
◆Package included: Light head, Battery pack, Charger, O-rings
◆Optional accessories: Helmet mount, Head strap, Extension cable
◆*Practical Irradiation distance:50m
*Again, Practical distance is useable distance. Marketing says it can go up to 500m and to be very frank, it could, but the lights at the end of 300m might not be useable. I rate this to be fantastic up to 50m. In trail, that gives you literally full illumination up to 15m upfront. Good for fast XC and more technical turns.
Similiar to  MJ808, it has Aluminium Textured reflector in the main beam that gives excellent throw and side spill while the two side beam are designed for better flood of the road/trail, over-heat protection functions. It comes with a clickie button that is not on the light body (like the MJ808) and has 4-color LED indicator to display battery capacity. Enjoy some of the photos taken of this unit.
P7 SSO LED as main beam with the two CREE LED on side.
Heatsink on all three units
The unit with the switch. Switch can be mounted near your thumb on handlebar

The battery  pack that comes with it
The charger, that is similiar to the MJ808
The extra spare battery that I got
-  As BRIGHT as MJ808 with better spread of light due to the 2xCREE sidelights.
- Light enough not to feel heavy on the helmet despite having two (not removable attachment)
Good for fast ride in dark with illumination up to 20m to be super clear. Side beam allow for closer more technical trails to be seen.
- Resistance to water (rain). IP64 only (Tight against dust and can withstand splashed water)
- Battery pack is big and heavy
- Battery pack not as swanky as the MJ808.
- Less penetrative (throw) compared to MJ808.
- Not as hot as MJ808 after using for 30minutes. Separate switch prevents the hand coming into contact with the hot heat sink.
This lights can also be obtained/viewed at FookSang Bicycle. They have the exact version.
For the record, the unit i am reviewing belongs to me and bought second hand from a close buddy that upgraded to something even more sinister. Fook Sang was mentioned as i found out that they carry both the lights i am having. Pleasant coincidence. Price wise, the stated price at Fook Sang is RRP, visit them to negotiate a discount!
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