Thursday, November 15, 2012

Putrajaya International Triathlon 2012

I've signed up for what could be likely the LAST triathlon race for the year for me. The notice for the race only came out a few days ago and with less than 30 days to race day.
Slotted to take place on December 9, 2012 in Putrajaya Water Sports Complex, it will be a 1km swim - 30km bike and 8km run event. The way I look at it, it will be a "fun triathlon" rather than a competitive race. Prizes will be made available the Top-3 spot for each age group.
So Last Minute, Why You Consider?
Races such as triathlon are hard to come by nowadays. Gone are the time when there is a race every  six weeks like in 2005/2006 period. This year alone, there were only four triathlon races organised by various parties such as Kenyir, PD and Desaru (by Uncle Chan) and the Putrajaya Junior Triathlon (by Hivelocity).
Water start at Putrajaya Junior Triathlon 2012. Image from the race website here
Recently, there has been an influx of "race organisers" organising races that involve the name "international". One Marathon in a tax-free island up north that opened for registration about 35 days to race day received a barrage of comments from me because the organiser is unknown. Then another race that will happen in 2013 which involve a triathlon and duathlon happening on the same time, up north in an island too, received some comments from me. For me, it is about the safety aspect of the race. It took me a day to consider joining the Putrajaya International Triathlon. With the organisers unknown other than the technical support  by "TriSportz", the only other information I gathered was that it is the same organisers as the Junior Triathlon - and that race has received good response and comments from participants. In come HiVelocity from Singapore. This is the same group of people that organised many races in Singapore and has the experiences to do it. And thus, my faith was restored and I've clicked to register for the race.
Race Registration
The registration is open until November 25, 2012 or upon 1,000 registration, whichever is earlier. You can register at MyRaceOnline or download a PDF form to be filled up the good old way. The initial registration bug (the organiser forgot to include a RM8 "registration fee" into the equation) has been sorted out apart from setting the correct date for race kit collection and race briefing. They have revised the distance from 1-30-10 to 1-30-8 (swim-bike-run, in that order) and everything looked more "solid". If you have no races to go, perhaps, this is one way to end the Triathlon race for this year and prepare for 2013 season.
See You At The Start Line.

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