Friday, November 02, 2012

Powerman 2012 Good Luck!

This weekend I will be racing my 5th Powerman. My first was in 2005 that happened to take place in Putrajaya as well. Then, it was a histus with only shorter duathlon races as I had myself busy with the new addition to the family aka my son. I made a comeback to Powerman in 2008 where i then flew to Milan for a Quality Recognition Award. In 2009, it was the Powerman which i did not meet cutoff.
Powerman 2008
In 2010, I did the Powerman in a relay event with wifey. It was out first relay race together. We did not meet cut off. I skipped Powerman in 2011 due to a change in career, which brings me back to this year, to be back racing, again. 
So, Good luck to all of you Racing this weekend! Remember to rest well within the next 36hours, eat well (but don't over do it) and most importantly, come race day, race safe and race strong!
With pretty faces like these, you guys better race faster to chase them!
See you all on Saturday at the Race Kit pick up (Marriot Putrajaya) and on Sunday at Race Start!


  1. Wowww, i'm pretty sure the cut-off time must be very tough, even for an avid dualthlon... How I wish I cud join this Powerman next year... ;)

    1. It's tough. :) And that makes it very very very interesting! :D Do join next year!