Friday, November 16, 2012

Movember : Day 1 to Day 16

Movember is the month where male related health issues are highlighted. Much like in October which is the Breast Cancer awareness month where most advocate plan activities around the "Pink"   theme. For the men, it is all about awareness on depression and prostate cancer - two recognised lifestyle and health issues often faced by men - and they are mostly in denial about it until too late.
As part of the awareness program, I have taken upon myself to grow a moustache. Yes. That's funny, i know. With me being hair-challenged (facial hair, that is), this will be tough and people around me noticed the "whiskers" growing and started asking why am I doing it. It gave me the perfect chance to explain to them about this. So, on this good Friday where everything is is a fast forward 16 days to me growing a Mo'. :)
Too fast?
Photos are taken everyday after I shaved the chin and surrounding area. If the above is too fast to comprehend or you wondered "what mo?", here is another take of how it progressed.
Hope this raise as much awareness to Movember as it does making you laugh. :)