Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Brooks PureDrift Updates

I have been putting in the mileage in the Brooks PureDrift the past 3 weeks since Powerman Malaysia. To date, I have used this shoe exclusively for all my runs and has clocked no less than 50miles or 80km.
Time To Retire A Few Gears
A worry that most of us budget athlete whenever we commit to a new gear is how long the gear will last. Running shoes, especially the "racers" are known to last about 200km at most. Some shoes claim to be environmentally friendly and will start disintegrating by 250km. For me being a high-mileage (by my standard), I would had to change a new pair of shoes every quarter if i want to continue running.
Brooks Pure Drift - Last Much?
I've been landing mid and forefoot and the Pure Drift shoes' front crash pad has not shown much wear. The initial worry that the front part that is thin would also tear due to constant brushing of the toenails against it showed no such worry at KM80. I have ran up to 18km at one time using this shoe and a long distance test is still pending arrangement for time (to take a bit longer than usual from wifey aka a running "visa"). I promise you readers a photo of the shoe's sole perhaps tonight or tomorrow morning. So do come back to this post by tomorrow lunch time for a real look at the shoe sole. 
A few of us was given the task to test out the Pure Drift. As you know, my review is here.  Perhaps, today is a good chance to hop over to these inspirational runners' blog to have a look at what they are saying about the Pure Drift.
Andrew's Moving On AC (Unboxing of the Pure Drift)
Max Lim's RunWithMe (Unboxing Of The Pure Drift)
Stay tuned for more updates as they comes in.

Update November 23, 2012.
I know i promised a photo of the sole of the shoes after 80++km. Apologies for the delay as I was caught in a few things to do past two days. Here is the sole, taken after yesterday's 8km run, making the shoe mileage now touching the 97km++ mark.
Still looked like new.
Here it is, close up (cropped 100%)
The honeycomb shaped traction still very much...there.
And because I was a day late to post this up, here is a bonus photo of the shoe last or top. The worries that the toes portion will wear off and tear off due to the thinner material is not shown at 97++km. Or maybe because i always kept my toenails short. 
All OK!
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  1. Bro- drift for comfort, would you recommend 1 or 2 size up from your normal working shoes?

    1. Bro P5 - i would recc 1/2 to 1 size SMALLER. The toe box is huge.

      And Drift is not for comfort bro, it's for lightweight and speed.