Thursday, November 01, 2012

Homemade Pie-In-Pot and Tuna Puff

Yet another easy to make and no frill eating in. Some would pay up to RM20 for this one serving and truth to be told, with even quality ingredients placed into the pie, this variation made/cooked at home will cost you less than half of that - for two (if you are mathematically challenged, that's mean it is 1/4 of the price you would pay outside per person ;-))
What You Need
For Pie
250grams of lean beef or whatever meat you like.
1 potato, cubed
1/2 carrot, Cubed/sliced
1/2 Onion, diced/large chunks
Button mushrooms - 1 can or you can get the fresh type
Lea & Perrin Sauce
Garlic, for taste
Puff pastries - either make it yourself (Will post how later) and get the ready made type (read label, avoid anything with margarine, it will be more expensive but worth it)
Except for the puff pastries, saute the meat and vegetables until the meat do not look pinkish. With beef, you want to avoid overcooking it else it will be hard. With chicken, the meat will turn white.  Add in some Lea & Perrin sauce as seasoning otherwise oyster sauce or just salt and pepper could work too. Once the mixture is cooked, transfer them into small bowls. For this, we used the bowl we usually put our Créme Brúleé.
If only pies you eat outside look this good
Then, you take the puff pastries and cover it on the top. Option would be to smear some butter  for that golden browning. Place it in the oven at 180degree C for about 20minutes or until the pastries "puffed".
You might want to poke a few holes, or in this case, like what wifey did, crossed it so the pastry would not "explode".
In 20minutes, check for browning and if it reaches the desired level, remove from heat and prepare to serve.
Him and Her
Serving Suggestions
We love our food with greens and that night was no differences. With romaine lettuce shredded and carrots sliced, we top off the salad with sprinkle of Chia Seeds, Poppy Seeds and Mustard seeds to add to the crunchiness and also taste. Some raisins, cranberries and a slice of dried apricot were added with a hard Boiled eggs to complete the meal. Some sesame seeds were sprinkled on to for that aesthetic look.
Breaking the puff pastries, it turned out very puffy and light (duh!) and the meat were juicy with some broth left in the mug.
Tell me this is not nice and I stop posting food photos.
A Serving of this will rake in about 450kcal with almost equal amount coming in from the beef and the pastries. Yes, that is HOW easy someone can go overboard with pastries and bust their daily caloric intake! As this was cooked served with no oil other than the butter on the pastries and inherent oil from the bought puff pastries, this could be made healthier once wifey make her own pastries - but with her back condition like that, we will have to wait.
Alternative If Meat Is Not Your Taste
Why not make a Tuna Carrot Puff? Just open up a can of tuna (serves two), put in some grated carrots and wrap them up in two slices of puff pastries? The results is unbelievable considering the work that needs to be done to prepare them. Again, no oil was used other than the inherent oil in the fish. Remember to break the pastries a bit to prevent it from exploding!
Served with grated carrot and some assortment of nuts and dried fruits
Eating in is always easy (and healthy) if you allow yourself some creativity. The choice is yours and make the change starting this weekend (because you will have more time to sit down and think what you want).
Eat Well and be Healthy!

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