Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Double Yolks Miracle

Ever chance upon an egg with 2 yolks?

Well, i am five times lucky with this as Barath gave me 5 eggs with 99% chances of being double yolk.

Here is a size comparison to a sized A egg.

A on right, freaky mutated double yolk, left

How did it happen?

Well, according to egg-fiando Barath, this happen with young nubile fertile chics.

The probability of these young nubile fertile chics to lay double yolk in their maiden laying session is really high.

Fear not, the chicken aren't given any antibiotic of banned growth substances or enhancer, it's genetically built into them chics.

And i found out from Barath that there is no such thing as FREE RANGE chicken eggs anymore.

What you find in the market that claim is free range are nothing more than a difference species of chicken (in this case, those that lay "free range" smaller and whiter eggs) being reared to lay eggs very much like the other "brown" eggs you see in the market.

These "free range" chicken are also confined in the same space as the other commercial eggs chicken and given the same feed.

So, don't be fooled.

There is also a lot of other assumption that i was told by Barath. Those eggs spiked with DHA or Omega3&6 are nothing more that just addictive added to the chicken feed. Infact, the golden orange colour of the yolk in some eggs are nothing but expensive colouring!

I'll stick to my normal "brown" eggs for now - but if you see the brown eggs to have shades of white, avoid at all cost, as those are eggs from old chickens with weak immune system. Also, eggs with chicken shit on them are normally "rejected" eggs...

I never knew there is so much to learn with regards to the chicken eggs trade! My hats off to Barath!

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