Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Final Volume Work, Tapering Starts Today

Saturday - Did a O-distance swim (about 35mins), covered 20K bike in 30 minutes (ave 40km/h) and a subsequent slower 20K. Then ran 5.5km fast in 30mins and slow for 4.5km. Covered the whole O distance in sub 3 hours.

Tri Rift - charm!

Ordu that is askign to be shod with 56-44 chain rings

Mediocore run

Sunday - 20k odd run from Hartamas to BNM and back via the GE30K route with Jabir. I swear i was trying to keep up with Jabir. 3 months ago, he was struggling to keep up with me, now, it's my turn.

And i managed to put in some mileage into the new gear - Nike Elite 4 (write up to follow)

Great midfoot transition

Monday - did a 45mins swim in the pool. Still splashing around. Can't wake up to bike to putrajaya. I guess i was just too tired. Not a good sign.

18 days to IronMan.

I just want to complete the race.

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