Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Think Like A Race Horse, Train Like A Bee

There is a good quote from Joe Friel's Triathelete Training Bible: "Think like a race horse and train like a bee."

Bees should not be able to fly - their wings are too small for their bodies and in the wrong position. It's a good thing no-one told them that. Never focus on what you think you can't do. In short, they defy logic, physics and aerodynamics.

Then the Race Horse - do you think a race horse looks at the horse next to him and says, "Wow that horse's legs are longer and I bet stronger, there is no way I am going to beat him?" That race horse would just go and feel the excitement around him, and he runs the best he can with everything he can give that day and that is all.

"Think like a race horse and train like a bee."

With 26 days to IM, i believe this phrase will live in everyone's mind.

It is in my mind for sure.

I'm not made to swim, and i'm making miserly progress in the pool by splashing about for 30 minutes yesterday (an improvement from 20 minutes the day before). Better start to train like a bee.

I'm not made to cycle and run too, but i've been doing considerably loads of mileage and recent accomplishments in clocking new PB for 1 miler and doing Broga Classic at a very enjoyable pace and state of mind, i should be thinking like a race horse.

Yes, i'm at "that" state of mind again, where i cast doubt into my own abilities. Where i start to make judgement on myself and my capabilities.

I am really just as good as the next person starting the race on 28th February.

And i am really just as prepared as the next person when the gun goes off that morning.

Might be a bit early, but GOOD LUCK to all of you returning IM and IM hopeful. Getting to the starting line is already an achievement itself.

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