Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday Reverse Biathlon

Sort of did a reverse biathlon. I ran 9.5km and swam 1.5km.

Initial plan was to do nothing more than 5km of run. But the itchy feet got the best out of me when they brought me jalan-jalan to Kiara hill via KLGCC from RSC; and i'm paying for it now.

I suprised myself when i managed to cover the 3km up and down Kiara hill in about 15minutes. Needless to say, i pushed myself.

I covered the 9.5km in about 55 odd minutes. Not too bad for that route which are undulating, right?

It was also an opp to try out the Nike Ultimate Pro top and this time, i opted for a size smaller for the compression factor (but not to the extend i can't breathe la).

I love the tight tops because it prevent nipple chaffing and unsightly blood dripping down between my chest, well apart from it's slimming factor of course. :)

I also tried to run with something more than just my running tights. Well, that is apart from giving more support to my family jewel, that is.

And of course, the Elite running socks, which i'm growing to love very much (it even has thicker padding on the heel to prevent those notorious blisters.

I swawm after that in the 25m pool at RSC and confidently racked up 30 minutes of steady swim. I think as of Saturday, i can say that i am not splashing in the water anymore. I'm swimming, nevermind how slow that could be. (i keep imagining Total Immersion freestyle everything i reach out and pivot and breathe)

Later Sunday morning, i woke up with bad ache on my back and right under my right knee. I think I've pushed too much and too fast on run in i might just live to regret it.

Self-prescribing a NO TRAIN order for myself today. Will try to swim a bit tomorrow.

5 Freaking days to go, and it goes to show even with loads of races under my belt, you can still make mistakes.

Learn from me y'all and go easy this last few days to IronMan!

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