Thursday, February 12, 2009

HomeMade Energy Gel

Last year, i prepared bottles of homemade energy gel with low GI.

It powered me through the whole IM and i supplement it with some food that i could chew on.

This year won't be any different. The cost of branded gel are just too high and usually, one would be consuming a pack every 30-45minutes. That's a whopping 30 packs if you choose to do so (should be enough to make you look like Yusran :P)

Making your own gel are more economical and much more delicious.

This year, i find it difficult to find brown rice syrup as the organic shop i bought this last year went bust.

So, i found this in Jusco, almost as good, but maybe better (due to the sodium content).

A bottle of this makes about 24 fl.oz of gel. That's about 42grams/fl.oz. PowerBar PowerGel is about 1.44ounces which translate to about 41grams/pack.

Cost wise, the Rice Syrup is RM18.90/500gram and add in some flavouring in the form of Hersheys choc syrup, it's at most anohter RM11 (with extra to put on top of your fav icecream). 24 packs of PowerGel will set you back to about RM120 (at Rm5/pack).

You can clearly see how my miser mind works.

What i will do is add in a pack of ORS (Oral Rehydration Salt) into each bottle to beef up on the sodium.

I will also be taking kurma or dessert dates for my races this year.

And the money i saved on the energy food, i am able to send my bike to TBB to be shipped to Langkawi and i don't need to worry about it a single bit (like boxing it up, fixing it back, lugging it to and fro get my driftla)

15 days to IM09, i guess i'm just getting anxious - not so much of excited like last year. Just anxious.

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