Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Swimming : Getting Back The Feel

22minutes of non stop trashing about in water of what appear of me to be swimming.

But in actual fact, i was struggling.

I was trashing about in water.

Must swim everyday now to get the feel back.

On another note, Ryan is sick. He has ulcer in his throat and this hardy boy had fever and was really really "manja". Me and wifey had to do our best to understand his pain.

On the plus side, doctor gave him license to take only COLD stuff.

Gave him one ice cream yesterday, and he was so suprised we let him have a whole stick. Half way through, he gave it to me telling me he prefer water instead.

So, it was COLD ice water.

Then COLD iced milk.

And he wakes up frequently at night, taking our sleep away with him.

And this morning, i woke up with aches on my shoulder and arms from yesterday's trashing about in the water....

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