Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Potty Trained, One With Teeth

How time flies. Ryan is now 2 plus and Nadia is already 8 months.

Just 2 weeks ago, Ryan Miracolously learned how to tell us when he needs to go.

OK, maybe not MIRACOLOUSLY as we've been trying hard to potty train him. But 2 fridays ago, he sort of take it upon himself and demanded that he wants to wear "the superman" underwear and viola!

He has learnt how to hold his pee but not his shit (pardon the language, with kids, you just have to be graphic).

Fastforward to 3 days ago, he learnt how to sit in the toilet and pang-sai-ed.

Damn proud of him.

It's tiring to hold them in papa!

By the way, he placed the sunnies and cap himself and feel asleep soon after.

The other heart fruit (Buah hati - or should it be buah jantung?) is Nadia.

She has learnt to crawl and she is moving fast. She also has the guts to fight with the brother for stuffs. But of course, she will lose as Ryan would usually just palm her off (much like Rugby, when you run and stick your hands out to the other person's face).

And just about the time Ryan learnt to potty himself, Nadia's first 2 teeth emerged.

She has been sharing the porridge we cook with Ryan and she is a ferocious eater.

Just like her brother, Nadia could hold her own bottle and feed herself. Wifey sort of trained them to do so at 4 months old and both has proven to be successful.

We have a feeling that Nadia will grow up bullying the brother. I do not have an issue with that as i know Ryan loves his sister to bits.

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